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6 More Chinese Media Outlets Classified as Foreign Missions

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently announced that the administration has designated six Chinese media entities as foreign missions. According to Pompeo, this is being done to counter Chinese communist propaganda being spread in the United States. Taking into account these six outlets, the U.S. has classified 15 Chinese media organizations as foreign missions ...

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State-Owned Chinese Media Faces New U.S. Regulations

The United States administration has announced that it will be treating five government-backed Chinese media entities operating in the country as foreign embassies. The rules mandate that these outlets register their American properties as well as employees with the U.S. State Department. Regulating Chinese media “The new determination is being applied to the Xinhua News ...

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Most Chinese Media in the U.S. Controlled by the Chinese Government

China owns or controls the majority of Chinese media outlets in the U.S., says a Hoover Institution study. Among the major Chinese-language media outlets, only a handful remain independent media outlets. Most of the other media outlets are either an extension of Beijing’s propaganda machine or very friendly with the mainland Chinese regime. The Hoover ...

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