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Britain’s Education System Relies on Chinese Money to Fund Its Schools

Britain’s education system, like so much else across the planet, has been facing very challenging times during the past year. According to The National Institute of Economic Social Research, (NIESR) a report submitted in May 2020 by Peter Dolton, Professor of Economics at Sussex University, suggests that “the present financial problems of universities are rooted ...

Helen London

The University of Cambridge.

Chinese Money Funding American Research: Is This the Future of Global Science?

Several security experts have been warning that China’s rise in the scientific field will be a threat not just to America, but also to the world as a whole. In response, the U.S. administration is considering limiting the involvement of Chinese money and scholars in research projects. In the next decade or two, China is ...

Max Lu

A science laboratry researcher.

How Chinese Money Messes Up Canada and Down Under

Receiving foreign investment sounds like a great thing for an economy. Unless you are Canada and are receiving a ton of Chinese money. The cash flow, part legal and part illegal, is reportedly causing a surge in property prices and particularly benefiting criminal organizations in Canada. Chinese money According to a report by The New ...

Nspirement Staff

Three wealthy Chinese women celebrating.