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CCP Tightens Population Control Measures With ‘Smart Locks’

The Chinese government is mandating the installation of “smart locks” in rental properties across China. These devices lock or unlock doors by cross-checking phones and IDs. Beijing argues that they are necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19. But the truth is that “smart locks” are basically a way for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ...

Max Lu

A door lock.

Communists Tearing Down Tibetan Prayer Flags

An identifiable feature of Tibetan culture is its prayer flags. These can be seen almost everywhere in Tibet — rooftops of homes, in mountains, holy places, monasteries, and so on. These prayer flags are believed to ward off evil and are part of Tibetan Buddhist beliefs. As such, it is no wonder that the Chinese ...

Max Lu

Tibetan prayer flags.

Surveillance State Makes It Tough for Pro-Hong Kong Supporters in Canada

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) maintains an extensive surveillance network in the West that identifies and monitors people who are considered a risk to the regime. A large number of them include Chinese-origin people who dare to speak against the communist atrocities of China. In Canada, people who have stood with Hong Kong protestors in their ...

Jack Roberts

Demonstrators for Free Hong Kong in Canada.

CCP Virus Has Given China Excuse for Widening Surveillance Network

China has one of the most extensive surveillance systems in the world, with millions of CCTV cameras spread throughout the country and AI systems analyzing citizens. The outbreak of the CCP virus has given the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) an excuse to strengthen and widen the surveillance network. Chinese surveillance network Maya Wang, a senior ...

Max Lu

CCTV surveillance.