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All Illnesses Are Caused by Qi Stagnation

Life, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a gathering of Qi, or vital life energy. The vitality and health of the human body relies on the ‘pushing’ action of this Qi for good health. Conversely, Qi stagnation in any part of the body leads to illness or loss of vitality. Much like the Qi in ...

Tatiana Denning

Three women doing a yoga pose in the woods.

9 Incredible Foods to Help Prevent Chronic Disease

Many diseases are caused by improper diet, especially at dinnertime, and eating the wrong foods may bring on chronic diseases. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay special attention to what you eat for dinner in order to prevent chronic diseases. Prevent chronic diseases by avoiding these 3 foods for dinner 1. Avoid foods high in fat ...

Raven Montmorency

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Health Trends for Chinese Reveal Surprising Change

China has apparently passed a health “tipping point,” according to a new study. While in the past, infectious diseases were the leading cause of death, they have now been surpassed by chronic conditions. This shift is believed to have occurred due to the rapid economic prosperity that reduced the risk of death from diseases since ...

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A Chinese woman with a breathing problem.