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A Brave Daughter Serves Her Father and Protects a Magistrate’s Party

During the Qing Dynasty, a great famine occurred in Shandong Province. Thieving bandits were prevalent, especially in the Jiaodong area; even the well-to-do families couldn’t protect themselves. In the Changyi area, currently, the northwestern part of the Shandong Peninsula, lived an armed escort named Sun Liang, who was highly skilled, brave, and fierce. Zhuang Gu, ...

Emma Lu

A female martial arts expert.

3 Stories of the Power of Kindness

Traditional Chinese culture is full of stories of kindness, and the divine rewards those who express it for their good deeds. Mr. Fan’s wife was on the verge of death from tuberculosis. A doctor told Fan: “Please use 100 sparrows and grind them into powder to make pills. After taking them for thirty-six days, take ...

Emma Lu

Sparrows perched on branches.