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Her Fiancé Develops Mental Illness: What Should the Bride-to-Be Do?

This story took place during the Qing Dynasty. There was a family surnamed Du, consisting of a mother and her son, since the father had passed away. The son was engaged to marry a girl from the Fu family. Just before the wedding, the son of the Du family suddenly developed mental illness. The mother ...

Emma Lu

Chinese wedding bracelets.

The Conscience Pawnshop

There was once a little shop called the Conscience Pawnshop. When the business began to decline, the owner, Zhang Yipin, considered closing it down. Around the same time, the owner became seriously ill and lost his eyesight. Now blind and too ill to run the business, he let his son, Zhang Sanbao, manage the shop.  ...

Tatiana Denning

Red Chinese lanterns hang along the side of a building.

Obliterating One’s Conscience for the Benefit of Money

The following is a true story about a man with no conscience that happened somewhere in Northeast China more than 80 years ago. One day, a man was driving from the north to the south in a carriage pulled by three strong horses. Along the way, he noticed a package by the side of the ...

Tatiana Denning

A dirt road winds through the woods.

Integrity Brings Wealth and Blessings

Regardless of what culture or race we belong to, integrity has the highest value. A friend of mine brought US$15,500 (100,000 yuan) to Shenzhen to take over a business laying floor tiles. After the contract was signed, the selling party from Shantou knew that it would be a loss-making deal. So the boss from Shantou ...

Helen London

Floor tiles.