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The Wisdom of a Child Solved the Case

One day during Yu Zhongwen’s youth, there was a case where the Ren and Du families in the village reported that each of them had lost a cow. Both families searched extensively, but could still not find their cows. Finally, with the help of others, a cow was found. Both families claimed the cow belonged ...

David Jirard

A cow.

To Protect Its Mother, a Calf Swallowed a Knife

Throughout the ages, many stories have portrayed the strong bond between a mother and her son. The following story alludes to the fact that all things have a spirit; livestock, in particular, can show “affection” and “kind-heartedness,” as demonstrated by the story of a calf and its mother. This story took place in Shuyang County of ...

Max Lu

A butcher's knife.

Popular Chinese Idioms Based on the Chinese Character for Cow: 牛

Through several thousand years of history, the Chinese language has been enriched with phrases based on historical stories. These Chinese idioms have been passed down over the millennia and allow people to express profound meanings in just a few words. Here are some popular Chinese idioms based on the Chinese character for cow (牛). Chinese ...

Max Lu

Funny closeup shot of one holstein cow among a herd in a pasture.