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The Wisdom of the Fields: A Tale of Courage, Generosity, and Forgiveness

In a small rural village, a 7-year-old boy experienced his first life lesson under the guidance of his father in the vast expanse of their family fields. The task was simple yet daunting for the young boy: to rid the field of weeds without harming the tender rice seedlings. As the boy stood paralyzed by ...

Max Lu

Crops growing in a rice paddy flooded with water.

8 Profound Lessons to Draw From the Biggest Kindness Study

In 2021, in partnership with BBC Radio, the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex conducted the most extensive study on kindness, dubbed “The Kindness Test.” About 60,000 people aged 19-44 from 144 countries participated in this study. The researchers wanted to know the most common acts of being kind, the relationship between being ...

Nathan Machoka

Lending a helping hand.

A Small Act of Kindness Helped a Boy with Cerebral Palsy Learn to Walk Again

Living with cerebral palsy is an unimaginable hardship that some people have to go through. But find out how this hardware store employee helped a man’s son with cerebral palsy with just a small act of kindness. Jessica Getty and her husband Mark went to a Lowe’s home improvement warehouse in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, to buy ...

Mike West

William Getty walking with the aid of parallel bars.

A Rich Bride Helped a Poor Bride and Changed Both Their Lives

In ancient times, weddings were often celebrated with multiple families joining the festivities. One day, two families were marrying their daughters; one bride was wealthy, and the other bride was extremely poor. As they met in the middle of their journey, heavy rain started to fall, and the bearers of both families put their sedan ...

Hermann Rohr

A traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

3 Small Things That Can Bring Blessings

Many people pursue a good life based on material success, such as a high income, expensive homes, and luxury cars. However, these things are temporary and may not bring true contentment. So what types of blessings bring long-lasting happiness in life? The principles of karma and virtue Because good and evil will eventually be rewarded, ...

Tatiana Denning

Silhouette of a man jumping for joy on the beach at sunset.