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Nitrogen in Permafrost Soils May Exert Great Feedbacks on Climate Changes

What nitrogen is getting up to in permafrost soils may exert great feedback on climate change, which overturns what researchers have long believed, according to a Sino-German joint study. Nitrogen is a constituent part of nitrous oxide (N2O) — an often overlooked greenhouse gas — and there is a vast amount of nitrogen stored in ...

Troy Oakes

Permafrost soil.

New Study Reveals Cracks Beneath Giant, Methane Gushing Craters

The 250-million-year-old cracks in the seafloor feed the greenhouse gas methane into giant craters in the Barents Sea. More than 100 craters, presently expelling enormous amounts of greenhouse gas into the ocean, are found in the area. A CAGE paper published in Science in 2017 described hundreds of massive, kilometer-wide, craters on the ocean floor ...

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A gas hydrate.

Ancient Carbon Unlikely to Cause Massive Greenhouse Gas Release

Permafrost in the soil and methane hydrates deep in the ocean are large reservoirs of ancient carbon. As soil and ocean temperatures rise, the reservoirs have the potential to break down, releasing enormous quantities of the potent greenhouse gas methane. But would this methane actually make it to the atmosphere? Researchers at the University of Rochester ...

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A melting iceberg.

No More Full Throttle on the Autobahn

Germany is reportedly thinking of implementing speed limits on its autobahn highway system as a means to reduce carbon emissions. The country was recently awarded a negative climate prize for failing to meet its emission targets. Speed limits on the autobahn In a bid to develop ways to lower the country’s carbon emissions so as ...

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