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Switzerland’s Safety Unveiled: A Journey Through Security and Serenity

Switzerland, often called the heart of Europe, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, pristine lakes, and the majestic Swiss Alps. Yet, one feature of this nation distinctly shines – its unparalleled safety.  In this article, discover the blend of modern and historic attributes that have fortified the country’s reputation as a bastion of safety for ...

Viena Abdon

Beautiful panoramic view of rooftops in the old town of Zug, Switzerland, with the town hall tower, Lake Zug, and the Pilatus mountain in the background.

The Accuracy of Fortune-Telling: How Fate Can Be Altered by Good Deeds

Is fortune-telling accurate? This question has sparked different opinions for ages. Why do some fortune-tellers get their predictions right, while others miss the mark? What are the factors that determine the accuracy of fortune-telling? The following tale might just enlighten you. Xue Er’s fortune During the Qing Dynasty, there was a famous face reader in ...

Mikel Davis

A tree covered with spring blossoms next to West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

Uncanny Prognostications: Hong Kong’s Future Interpreted Through Horse Portents

In an unprecedented string of events, three racehorses died within six days in Hong Kong, sparking an uncanny wave of speculation. The horses, named “Light of Civilization,” “Everyone’s Joy,” and “Master Grade” have sparked discussions about their demise. Among these three, two dropped dead unexpectedly, while the other died from a broken leg. Could these ...

Mikel Davis

Jockeys and horses compete in the race at Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong.

Berlin’s Gas Lamps to Be Replaced by LEDs

Berlin, a city known for its unique atmosphere for almost two centuries, is on the verge of a transformation. The city’s streets, romantically lit by the soft, flickering flames of gas lamps, are set to adopt a new glow — that of electric LEDs. A decision driven by cost and environmental concerns, this switch has ...

Nathan Machoka

Streetlamp in Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt square with Berlin Concert Hall in the background at twilight.

History: Why It’s Important

“History repeats itself” is a famous line that often shows itself to be true. There have been certain historical events that have yet to happen again in the present. If you’re wondering if it is still relevant today, this article was made to convince you why it’s still essential. Why do people study history? History ...

Mike West


Chinese Copper Coins and the Ancient Way of Doing Business

Chinese copper coins have a long history. They contain the wisdom of the Chinese people and symbolize the way of doing business based on honesty and integrity. The meaning of copper coins Before the reign of Qin Shi Huang (259-210 B.C.), Chinese copper coins had many shapes due to the many warring states. After Qin ...

Mikel Davis

Three old Chinese coins with red cord tied through the square holes in the middle sit in front of a book on a wooden surface.

Extinct Elephant Birds Were 3 Meters Tall and Weighed 700kg. Now, DNA From Fossil Eggshells Reveals How They Lived

Madagascar’s extinct elephant birds — the largest birds ever to have lived — have captured the public’s interest for hundreds of years. Little is known about them due to large gaps in the skeletal fossil record. A new study published in Nature Communications used ancient molecules extracted from fossil eggshells to reveal surprising new insights ...

Troy Oakes

Madagascar's extinct elephant bird eggs.

Tiny Flakes Tell a Story of Tool Use 300,000 Years Ago

When prehistoric people re-sharpened cutting tools 300,000 years ago, they dropped tiny chips of flint — which today yield evidence of how wood was processed by early humans. The small flint flakes were discovered at the Lower Paleolithic site of Schöningen, Lower Saxony, Germany. Now, a multidisciplinary team led by the University of Tübingen and ...

Troy Oakes

Tiny chips of flint discovered by archaeologists at the Lower Paleolithic site of Schöningen, Lower Saxony.

Giving the Gift of Character to Children

The most important subjects children can learn aren’t graded. Those lessons are in strong character and moral values, yet we seldom receive instruction. Here are some of the best gifts to help introduce those great lessons and build character in your children. Developing companionship For children, the warmest love comes from the companionship of parents. ...

Raven Montmorency