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Leadership for Entrepreneurs: Why is it Important?

Like most entrepreneurs, you may have done the majority of day-to-day work alone in the early stages of your business. However, as your business expands, you must create a team and effectively manage it. It would be best if you had leadership in your arsenal to keep your team on track. But why is leadership ...

Viena Abdon

People sitting around a conference table attending a business meeting.

7 Leadership Angles to Help You Become a Great Start-Up Owner

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of getting into a typical job that imposes many limitations on them. There are a select few people who have the guts to become a start-up owner of their own venture. While some of them succeed and reach the pinnacle of success, others fall short and eventually bite ...

Armin Auctor

Business team working together in a casual setting.

The Greatest Man in British History

In 2002, the BBC conducted a nationwide poll of the British people to determine the greatest Briton in history. It was no surprise that Winston Churchill came out on top and won the highest number of votes. Churchill was the United Kingdom’s prime minister twice, from 1940-1945 during World War II and again from 1951-1955. Since ...

Michael Segarty

Winston Churchill's head on a British flag.

General Patton, a Soldier Inspired by God

Gen. George Patton, who fought in both world wars, is considered one of the most successful military leaders in American history. In his years of service, he faced a critical moment in the battle between good and evil. Most of the world’s research on him centers around his combat tactics and leadership style, while his ...

Raven Montmorency

General George S. Patton, a Bible and a cross.

What Caring Emperors Do for Their People

Opening the chapter on Chinese history, we find that all good and caring emperors had something in common: They held the people in their hearts and treasured them as their children. If natural disasters occurred, emperors would first look within to decide whether they had sinned. They believed that when they had done something wrong, ...

Helen London

Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty.

Study Shows How Small Groups Lead to the Emergence of Leaders

While the “wisdom of the crowd” shapes the behavior of large groups of people, less is known about small-group dynamics and how individuals interact to make decisions, particularly when it comes to the emergence of leaders, a key area of inquiry in organizational research. The phenomenon is critical to arriving at an understanding of social networks of all ...

Troy Oakes

Small group sharing.