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The Top 8 Superfoods

“Superfoods” are foods considered to be beneficial to our health. Among the superfoods that made it to the 2023 list by Good Housekeeping, many of them are popular and familiar to us, such as coffee, dark chocolate, legumes, ginger, and berries. 8 top superfoods 1. Fermented foods According to Registered Dietitian Stefani Sassos, Deputy Director of ...

Mikel Davis

Various colorful superfoods such as acai powder, turmeric, matcha green tea, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, dried goji berries, cape gooseberries, raw cocoa, hemp seeds, and others in bowls on a marble surface with blocks spelling the words "super foods."

Top 10 Ranking Foods for Summer

During the summer, we should eat nutritious foods that will help to build our immune system and increase our immunity in preparation for the winter season. The top 10 healthy foods ranked in order from 1 to 10 1. Eggs Eggs are a complete nutritional food. They are rich in complete proteins (they contain all ...

Tatiana Denning

A plate of scrambled eggs.

Healthy Protein Ball Recipe With No Sugar, and They Taste Delightful!

Healthy Protein Balls are a great choice for getting away from treats that have too much sugar. Today, many people are becoming aware of the health problems that come from eating too many processed foods that have high sugar content. Processed sugar is used in foods as a sweetener, of course, in order to make products ...

Trisha Haddock

Healthy Protein Balls made from cocoa, coconut, hazelnut, dates, passionfruit, walnuts that are compressed into small balls with peppermint leaves as decoration on some, others are rolled in shredded coconut and there are a few decorated with red pomegranate pips, displayed on a blue square plate.