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9 Simple Tricks to Pose for Photos And Look Great

Have you ever noticed how some people shy away from cameras, convinced they’re not photogenic? Or perhaps you’ve been frustrated that your photos don’t quite capture your real-life appearance or how you wish to be seen. The secret often lies in how you pose. A good pose can elevate your photo, while a poor one ...

Nathan Machoka

Female with a camera preparing to take a photo.

10 Simple Tweaks for Better Cooking

Cooking is an essential skill that everyone should know. But sometimes, it can be challenging, especially for the younger generation. Often, people prefer convenience in this busy era with fast foods and instant meals, but these easy fixes can jeopardize health. That’s why it’s time to head into the kitchen and practice your cooking skills. ...

Viena Abdon

Asian woman cooking a meal at home.

4 Tips When Traveling by Air

A safe and comfortable flight requires adequate preparation in advance. Ms. Lin, a 28-year veteran flight attendant at a major U.S. airline, offers some suggestions when traveling by air. 4 worthwhile tips when traveling by air 1. Choose a major airline when traveling by air People often compare prices when shopping for goods and try ...

David Jirard

Airplane in flight, headed toward the setting sun.

15 Tips to Remember When Visiting Japan

Japan is a sophisticated nation acclaimed for its friendliness and hospitality. If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself while visiting Japan, pay attention to the following. 15 tips when visiting Japan 1. Don’t eat while you walk. 2. Don’t chat on your cell phone on public transport. If you have to use ...

Max Lu

Japanese building overlooking Mount Fuji.

Top 10 Foods for Beautiful, Vibrant Skin

Many women (me included) spend numerous hours and dollars striving for clear, healthy, and vibrant skin. While some lotions and potions go a long way to help, the types of food you eat play a big part in your skin tone and quality in the short and long term. Your skin is a reflection of ...

Sheridan Genrich

A lady with glowing skin.

10 Tips to Begin Your Bikepacking Adventure

Bikepacking is pretty much backpacking on two wheels — a bike. I think it’s a gem of a way to experience the world, as it tends to take you off the well-trodden path. “It’s any adventure that involves riding your bike and staying overnight.” Bikepacking: getting started So if you’ve never been on a bikepacking adventure, ...

Jessica Kneipp

Packed mountain bike in the mountains.ound

5 Tips to Successfully Negotiate With Powerful Chinese Companies

There are rules to follow to successfully negotiate with powerful Chinese companies. The game is unbalanced in favor of the Chinese companies. After all, you’re on their home ground playing by their rules. But you can still successfully negotiate in China by following the tips below. 5 tips to follow to successfully negotiate with powerful ...

John Andress

Two men in suits shake hands across a desk while a woman takes dictation.