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Top 10 Ranking Foods for Summer

During the summer, we should eat nutritious foods that will help to build our immune system and increase our immunity in preparation for the winter season. The top 10 healthy foods ranked in order from 1 to 10 1. Eggs Eggs are a complete nutritional food. They are rich in complete proteins (they contain all ...

Tatiana Denning

A plate of scrambled eggs.

Rainbow Eating and the 5 Healthiest Foods to Assist in Good Health

Rainbow eating includes the many different kinds of rainbow foods on the market that have different colors and contain varied nutrition. Generally speaking, yellow vegetables contain carotene, which can protect the eyes; red vegetables are rich in lycopene, which can increase vitality; green vegetables are rich in carotene and flavonoids, which can protect the heart ...

Helen London

Rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables including purple cabbage and eggplant, red peppers and strawberries, orange carrots and citrus fruits, green onions and broccoli, and yellow peppers and squash.

Delicious Soup From 2 Harmonious Ingredients

When the weather becomes hot, it not only rains more, but more humidity develops. In a hot and humid season, many people feel under the weather. Those with high blood pressure, constipation, stomach upsets, fatigue, and depression will especially feel more uncomfortable. When that happens, you should try to eat a bowl of delicious soup ...

Helen London

Baking potatoes.