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7 Fruits That Relieve Dry Eyes

As many of us are already aware, looking at a computer screen or phone for extended periods will cause dry eyes. The retina of the eye has a photosensitive substance known as rhodopsin. The light from a screen will damage the eyes, and after a long time, the eyes will feel tired, dry, and itchy. ...

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A woman holding two slices of papaya over her eyes.

These Fruits Can Keep Your Muscles Strong

Within the flesh, skin, and seeds of many fruits and vegetables lie hidden chemical compounds that can increase longevity and help to maintain a healthy body into old age. We’ve always known these natural foods are good for us, but now science is discovering new uses for common fruits we’ve been eating for thousands of ...

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Two red apples sitting on a wooden surface.

8 Red Foods to Eat in Summer

Eating red foods in summer is very important. The summer heat tests your tolerance and temper, and you can get irritable and lose your head more easily. This can lead to a drop in your immunity, which can induce the onset of various diseases, especially cardiovascular disease. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there is the ...

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Eating red foods in summer help the heart (Image: Christopher Paquette via Flickr / CC BY 2.0 )

Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Sardines are highly nutritious, containing omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B-12 and D, calcium, the minerals niacin, iron, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus, along with protein. Served in tomato sauce, they are also delicious. Prepare time: 50 mins Serves: 4-6 Ready in: 50 mins   Ingredients 8-10 small fresh sardines (about 1lb) 1 red onion (small) sliced ...

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A plate of sardines in tomato sauce garnished with vegetables cut into fancy shapes.

Tomato and Beef Noodles

This tomato and beef noodles dish is a hearty soup with noodles that is good anytime, but it is particularly good in the winter. Prepare time: 15 min Serves: 4-6 Ready in: 70 min   Ingredients 1.5 pounds flat-cut beef brisket 4 large tomatoes 2 large potatoes, in cubes 3 carrots, in cubes 2 fresh ...

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A bowl filled with noodles, pieces of beef, potato, carrot, tomato, and green Chinese veggies.

Top 10 Foods for Beautiful, Vibrant Skin

Many women (me included) spend numerous hours and dollars striving for clear, healthy, and vibrant skin. While some lotions and potions go a long way to help, the types of food you eat play a big part in your skin tone and quality in the short and long term. Your skin is a reflection of ...

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A lady with glowing skin.

9 Incredible Foods to Help Prevent Chronic Disease

Many diseases are caused by improper diet, especially at dinnertime, and eating the wrong foods may bring on chronic diseases. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay special attention to what you eat for dinner in order to prevent chronic diseases. Prevent chronic diseases by avoiding these 3 foods for dinner 1. Avoid foods high in fat ...

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Eat Tomatoes in Autumn and Winter to Protect the Cardiovascular System

During the winter months when the weather gets cold, people turn their attention to taking care of their hearts and the health of their blood. Ripe tomatoes are considered a good food choice to provide protection for the ticker. Tomatoes are also considered efficacious in the fight against cancer. There are many varieties and shades ...

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Vine-ripened tomatoes.

9 Summer Foods to Beat the Heat

Chinese believe that the hottest days in summer easily cause discomfort and chronic ailments. Consuming certain summer foods ahead of such periods, however, can counteract this and prepare the body for combat. 9 summer foods for hot days 1. Mung beans Summer is the season for eating more summer foods like fruits and vegetables. Mung ...

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Dragon fruit cut in half.