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How Sadness Can Be Good for You

Negative emotions cause bad moods. Both negative emotions and sadness are natural human states. However, most people today strive to ignore these feelings. Most people want eternal happiness, but that’s not the right goal. Manipulative marketing and self-help gurus have made people believe that pursuing happiness should be the ultimate goal. But despite the prevalence ...

Nathan Machoka

A sad gentleman holding his forehead.

Toxic Positivity: How the Pursuit of Happiness Harms You

Toxic positivity is an issue Whitney Goodman explores in her book Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy. The radical psychotherapist draws lessons from her research and experience as a Miami therapist. Modern media, therapy, and psychology are filled with messages of positivity and happiness. Always have a happy or ...

Nathan Machoka

A couple sharing big smiles.