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The Incredible Story of a Horse’s Debt Repayment

In the quiet village of Hanmutou Gou, nestled in Damao Township, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, about 40 households thrived, mostly bearing the surname Li. Among them was Li Cheng, the respected head of a household whose family’s fortunes rose through the transportation of cloth and grains from Inner Mongolia to Chifeng. Their journey from being ...

Mikel Davis

Palomino horse trotting in a meadow at sunset.

The Magic of Fairy Tales: Keeping the Art of Storytelling Alive

From the treasure trove of our childhood memories emerge the enchanting stories told by grandparents, parents, or caregivers. Fairy tales, those captivating narratives, whisked us away to realms where dragons soared, ogres devoured misbehaving children, princesses discovered love in the most unexpected places, and ordinary objects concealed extraordinary secrets. But these stories offer us more ...

Nathan Machoka

Girl reading a story to her stuffed animals.

The Golden Basin: A Tale of Honesty Vs. Greed

Deep in the annals of ancient Indian folklore lies a story that resonates through time, encapsulating the eternal struggle of honesty versus greed. This fable speaks to the core of human values and the consequences of our choices. It revolves around a young merchant, his uncle, and a seemingly ordinary object that holds extraordinary value ...

Max Lu

Illustrated map of India.