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Uyghur Children Held in ‘Welfare Schools’ in China’s Xinjiang

China has been in the line of fire of the U.S. and several European nations for its alleged and blatant violations of human rights in its territory. Recently, a new report by Human Rights Watch suggests that Uyghur children, separated from their parents, are being kept in “welfare schools” in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region ...

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Three Uyghur children.

Family Separation Is Haunting the Parents of Missing Uyghur Children

China is a country that has been making headlines for the wrong reasons of late. Its aggression in dealing with territory issues with neighboring countries and the attitude of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regarding racial issues are drawing criticism from different quarters. Its treatment of Uyghur children, in particular, has left human rights ...

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Young Uyghur boy in front of his home in Kashgar, China.

Uyghur Father Shocked to Find His Son in Chinese Propaganda Video

Abdurahman Tohti is a Xinjiang-born Uyghur Chinese national who lives in Turkey. He has been cut off from his family for several years. In January this year, Tohti got the shock of his life when he spotted his son in a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda video. Brainwashing Uyghur children Tohti was a cotton farmer ...

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Pigeons in front of a mosque in Istanbul.

Over Half a Million Uyghur Children Separated From Their Parents

Beijing’s persecution of Uyghurs is not only affecting adults but also Uyghur children, according to a media analysis of a state planning document that was published on the government website. Uyghur children separated from their families The planning document shows that “nearly a half million children have been separated from their families and placed in ...

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Three Uyghur children.