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Virus From China Infects Shrimp and Crayfish Farms in Taiwan

While the world is trying its best to keep the COVID-19 spread in check, another virus from China is creating problems for Taiwan. Decapod Iridescent Virus 1 (DIV1) has apparently affected a number of shrimp and crayfish hatcheries across the island nation. As a result, thousands of these creatures have been culled following the direction of ...

Max Lu

A bowl of boiled crawfish.

Why China’s CCP Coronavirus Numbers Are Completely Bogus

The Chinese government claims that the CCP coronavirus outbreak in their country is somehow under control and that new infections are showing a downward trend. It even claimed to have recently registered the country’s first-ever day with zero COVID-19 deaths. However, all such claims prove false when you actually look at the data and real ...

Max Lu

Masked doctors around a patient's bed.

Flu Vs. the Wuhan Coronavirus: Know Your Illness

While China is suffering through a coronavirus outbreak, American citizens are braving both influenza and the Wuhan coronavirus. Even though some believe that both flu and coronavirus are similar, the fact is that there are big differences in the way they are transmitted, their mortality rates, preventive measures, and so on. Flu vs. the Wuhan ...

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A man with the sniffles.