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How Does the Black Madonna and Green Man Ceremony relate to Yin-Yang?

Constructing a Black Madonna and Green Man ceremony appears compelling to those to whom the Green Man and the Black Madonna signify a profound union of the masculine and feminine, light (photosynthesis) and darkness (the intimate and occult). In this article, we’ll discuss the idea of the so-called sacred marriage ritual of the Black Madonna, ...

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The Black Madonna.

Let Pandas Show You the Way to Inner Peace

Pandas are one of the cutest creatures on earth. Traditionally associated with China, pandas have been revered in local traditions, with people ascribing qualities of strength and (inner) peace to the animal. Symbolism of pandas In China, people generally call pandas maoxiong, meaning cat-like bear. However, a more suitable name is believed to be daxiongmao, ...

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A giant panda eating bamboo.

A Father Who Had No Fear of Ghosts

A public official named Ji Xiao Lan described what happened when he was appointed as the supervisor of the Office of Education and Examination in Fuzhou City during the Ming Dynasty regarding ghosts. The office was formerly built as a taxation office; however, many innocent people were wrongfully killed in the building by greedy and ...

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Cosmology of the Han Chinese: Taiji and Bagua

Every culture on Earth has its own myths and legends that explain the origin of life. In China, there are many cultures and thus many origin stories. The following is one of the most common representing the cosmology of the Han Chinese. Cosmology of the Han Chinese In ancient China, the Han people believed that ...

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two hands cupped above each other one holds ice one holds fire symbolic of a yin yang symbol

Optimum Energy Food: Balancing Your Diet Through Yin and Yang

For thousands of years, this symbol has been recognized as two opposing forces in the universe working in harmony to achieve balance. This includes balancing your diet. According to Chinese thinking, good food is considered good medicine, and traditional Chinese doctors have always utilized the power of food to cure or relieve illness. Only if ...

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A plate with light and dark colored food arranged into the yin-yang symbol.