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The Sage Advice of Empress Ma

Empress Ma, the wife and wartime comrade of Zhu Yuanzhang, played a pivotal role during times of conflict and upheaval. She adeptly managed logistics and soothed the troops, contributing significantly to their collective victory. Humility in power Despite her elevated status after their triumph, Empress Ma remained grounded. Zhu Yuanzhang frequently lauded her resilience and ...

Mikel Davis

Portrait of Empress Ma of the Ming Dynasty on a hanging scroll.

Powerful Winds of Destiny That Changed the Course of Chinese History

Victory in battle, it is said, can only materialize if the three favorable factors of time, place, and people meet simultaneously. In Chinese history, there have been several battles in which defeat was inevitable, but suddenly, from nowhere, powerful winds arose that changed the course of history. Particularly in decisive battles with a vast disparity ...

Michael Segarty

The Battle of Fei River.

Humble and Caring Empress Ma Xiuying of the Tang Dynasty

Ma Xiuying (July 18, 1332 – September 23, 1382) was a Chinese empress during the Ming Dynasty and was married to The Hongwu Emperor. She acted as his political adviser and secretary, exerting a large amount of influence during his reign. Ma Xiuying was born into a well-known wealthy family in Xuzhou, Anhui Province. Her father ran ...

Emma Lu

Empress Ma Xiuying.

Guarding the Well

Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang (A.D. 1328-1398), the founder of the Ming Dynasty, had a well-known directive that officials under his command do an honest job called “guarding the well.” Before sending officials to various regions of his land, the Emperor took them to a well in the palace and advised them: “To be an honest official ...

Helen London

Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.