Incredible Ancient Art of Chinese Face Reading

A Chinese lady with gentle face and traditional clothing reading a book.
Could the future be written all over our face? The ancients in China seem to think so and developed an art of physiognomy or Chinese face reading to tell a persons fate. (Image: Hisu Lee via Unsplash)

Chinese face reading, also known as physiognomy, has a history going back thousands of years in China. In ancient China, there was a saying: “If you want to know whether someone is wise, just look at their forehead; if you want to know about a person’s reputation, nobleness, wealth, blessings, and longevity, look at their eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and jaw.”

Psychologically speaking, it also makes sense. An old saying goes: “The changing of a situation follows the determination of the heart.” Determination refers to one’s self-confidence. A person with self-confidence is able to maintain a good state of mind, and they can do things more positively, so their efforts are more easily recognized by others, thus things tend to go more smoothly.

Chinese face reading basics: the forehead

Wisdom is judged by the shape of the forehead — a full forehead is favored.

A smooth and full forehead is considered a symbol of beauty and wisdom. Almost all beauties have a full forehead. It’s also been observed that most celebrities, successful business people, royalty, and kings have full foreheads, representing the look of being blessed.

Besides the shape of the forehead, the level of the hairline also reveals information. A person with a lower hairline is considered slow in thought and action.

Chinese face reading: Male with kind eyes looking into distance autumn looking leaves in the foreground.
The eyes are said to reveal the height of one’s wisdom, nobleness, leadership qualities, and vitality of a person. (Image: Danny G via Unsplash)

Chinese face reading: The eyes

The eyes are the windows of the soul. They reveal the height of one’s wisdom, nobleness, leadership qualities, and vitality of a person.

The size, location, shape, and expression of one’s eyes reflect the individual’s personality, as well as the ups and downs one will face in the future, including career, fame, wealth, love, marriage, and so on.

Single-fold eyelids make eyes appear smaller and were considered “less beautiful,” because the eyes seem unable to express emotions well.

Chinese face reading: The nose

The nose reveals one’s prospects for wealth. As far as aesthetics go, a pretty nose is a straight nose.

The nose is in charge of wealth: “If one has a high nose, his chances of becoming an officer will be higher. A high and straight nose with a plump fleshy tip can bring a man a successful career as an official, and wealth to a woman. One who has a collapsed nose can’t be rich, and the one with a wide nose will have trouble bringing in money.”

Chinese face reading: The jaw

One’s longevity is revealed in the shape of the chin. A rounded chin is a sign of being blessed.

A traditional saying holds that “one with a good chin is blessed, and he will have good fortune in his later years.” A woman with a good chin and cheeks will make a good housekeeper, and will always put her family and her husband first.

Buddha statue with hands in prayer position showcasing large hanging earlobes.
Big round earlobes can bring good luck and good fortune. Traditionally, Buddha images have rounded, hanging earlobes. (Image: Kuma Kum via Unsplash)

Chinese face reading: The ears

Foreseeing blessings by reading the ears — thick ears brings luck.

Big round earlobes can bring good luck and good fortune. Traditionally, Buddha images have rounded, hanging earlobes.

In physiognomy, it’s believed that a person with heavy earlobes has very good fortune in wealth and friendship. A woman with big, soft earlobes is considered a very generous and considerate person, especially toward her husband and children. She receives blessings from her parents, is very popular among her friends, and is the best candidate for a man who is seeking an ideal wife.

Chinese face reading: The mouth

Predicting one’s income by reading the mouth — plumper lips are preferred.

Lip shapes reveal the extent of a person’s desire, as well as a person’s tolerance. A beautiful lip shape is considered an exhibition of dignity, purity, honesty, beauty, elegance, and charm.

The ancients believed that women with thin lips were heartless and gossips, and that marrying a thin-lipped woman could bring bad luck to her husband.

That is quite a strong reading — but I think that nothing is set in stone completely when it comes to reading the fate of a person through the shape of their face, but it sure is interesting to get a little insight into the world of physiognomy, or Chinese face reading. From what you’ve learned in this article, what does it say about you?

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