Experiences in Shanghai Shatter Zhang Yuxuan’s ‘Chinese Dream’ (Part 2)

Zhang Yuxuan, a young Taiwanese man, sitting on a bench telling how he was persecuted and tortured while in China.
Having experienced first-hand the oppression and persecution of the CCP, Zhang Yuxuan wants to share his story hoping to awaken others to the harsh realities masked by the 'Chinese Dream'. (Image: Chen Guanjun via The Epoch Times)

One fateful day in 2022, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) public security officers came pounding on Zhang Yuxuan’s door and shouted: “You know what you have done.” Then, they took him to the Public Security Bureau, asked him to sign a confession, and left him there for four or five hours before releasing him.

The ‘red disaster’ strikes again

Despite this, Zhang Yuxuan continued to write, calling the CCP a “red disaster.” Consequently, he was assaulted by public security officers who smashed open the door to his apartment in Shanghai, pinned him to the ground, handcuffed his hands behind his back, covered his head with a hood, and then took him to the police station.

After surviving three days of torture in the interrogation room, Zhang Yuxuan was determined to go back home to Taiwan. He was full of fear and anger and wanted to expose the true colors of the CCP, so he posted what he had experienced on the Internet.

Unexpectedly, the public security officers came to his door a third time. This time, they broke in during the dead of night, threw him to the ground, handcuffed him, and he passed out after hitting his head on the floor.

Ominously detained in a mental hospital

When he woke up, he found himself lying on a hospital bed. The doctor and nurse came up to him and said: “This is the Shanghai Mental Health Center; don’t run about, someone will come to get you later.” Then, they left.

When Zhang Yuxuan woke up, he found himself lying on a hospital bed.
When Zhang Yuxuan woke up, he found himself lying on a hospital bed. (Image: Sudok1 via Dreamstime)

Zhang Yuxuan thought to himself: “It’s over, I’ve been sent to a mental hospital. If I don’t escape now, I’m afraid I will ‘disappear’ forever after this.”

Desperate, he seized an opportunity to escape when no one was watching. The main door was locked, so he climbed over the wall and ran all the way home. When he reached his apartment, he quickly asked his family to book the next flight back to Taiwan.

Regrettably, the next flight wasn’t until a week later. During that time, he could not eat or sleep well, living in constant fear that someone would come to arrest him. He was tormented by anxiety and uncertainty about whether he would make it home safely.

Strangely, the mental hospital did not send anyone after him. Zhang Yuxuan later guessed that it may have been due to the administrative chaos of the CCP units during the lockdown period, possibly causing the hospital to fail to file a report about him on time.

Zhang Yuxuan was relieved to be on the plane back home

Finally, on the plane, after takeoff, he breathed a sigh of relief: “I am free!”

The moment he stepped onto Taiwanese soil, he exclaimed in his heart: “I actually made it back alive.” He felt as if God was watching over him. “I was so lucky; I almost died in China.”

Later, a reporter called Shanghai’s Luoshan New Village police station where Zhang Yuxuan was detained, trying to get some details. An operator replied that he would help to inquire, but then the line was disconnected. Subsequent calls could not reach the police station at all.

The reporter also called the Shanghai Mental Health Center. The switchboard operator said that he would transfer the call to the administrative department, but the call could not be connected.

The only thing the CCP has brought to the Chinese people is suffering

Having experienced the Communist Party’s persecution firsthand, Zhang Yuxuan saw its true colors and transformed from a “Little Pink” — a term for a Chinese youth who is an ardent nationalist and supporter of the Chinese Communist Party — to a steadfast anti-communist.

He contacted Taiwanese anti-communist Internet celebrities to share his story: “I just feel that if the Communist Party does not collapse, I will never go back to China. I want to speak up for more people who are oppressed and persecuted by the CCP like the Falun Gong practitioner that I met. And I very much hope that he can escape from China to the outside free world so as to enjoy the freedom of religious belief.”

Zhang Yuxuan, a Taiwanese youth who was tortured by the Chinese Communist Party, looks at his cell phone screen.
He contacted Taiwanese anti-communist internet celebrities to share his story. (Image: Chen Guanjun via The Epoch Times)

Zhang Yuxuan deeply realized that the CCP only brought endless suffering to the people in China. “This is because the Communist Party itself is a regime that seized power by violence. It advocates class struggle, advocates so-called social Darwinism, and fighting with each other. Its entire bureaucratic system is very corrupt. Others say that the Communist Party is very strong, but I don’t think the Communist Party is very strong; I think the Communist Party is very fragile. If Chinese people unite and work together to overthrow it, I think it can be done.”

Advice for other ‘Little Pinks’: Go live with them for a while and see your ‘Chinese dream’ become a Chinese nightmare

After experiencing the physical and mental shock, Zhang Yuxuan, now awakened, had a message for the “Little Pinks”: “Wake up. China has no human rights. If you live there for a while, you will realize what it means to have no human rights and no freedom of speech. I also want to say to those who support Greater China or are pro-China (pro-CCP) that you should all go live in China for a while. Then you will know how wonderful Taiwan is.

“The Communist Party cannot give you human rights, freedom of speech, or press freedom. Everything you see is what the Party wants you to see.”

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Translated by Chua BC

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