Giant Eagles and Scavenging Vultures Shared the Skies of Ancient Australia

Today, Australia is home to 17 species of hawks and eagles. But the fossil record shows some other, rather special raptors were present in the relatively recent past. Tens of thousands of years ago, Australia was home to species such as Dynatoaetus gaffae, the largest eagle ever to have lived in Australia, and Cryptogyps lacertosus, ...

Troy Oakes

Eagles and vultures in ancient Australia.

Holes in Baby Dinosaur Bones Show How Football-Sized Hatchlings Grew to 3-Ton Teens

Despite their public image as torpid, lumbering creatures, many dinosaurs were evidently warm-blooded, highly active animals, capable of prolonged and strenuous aerobic exercise. In new research, my colleagues and I determined how much energy minibus-sized dinosaurs called Maiasaura used while growing to adulthood. Our results, published in the journal Paleobiology, show Maiasaura was capable of ...

Troy Oakes

Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops dinosaurs.

This Cave on Borneo Has Rock Art Showing Colonial Resistance 400 Years Ago

The islands of Southeast Asia record a long and dynamic human history of technological innovation, migration, and conflict through their rock art. The region’s rock art stretches back more than 45,000 years. It’s a unique source of information about this complex human past. But rock art doesn’t just record ancient history. Researchers have identified artwork ...

Troy Oakes

Borneo rock art.

A Cool Find: A Boy Discovers a Megalodon Shark Tooth in England

Imagine walking on the beach and stumbling upon something extraordinary. That’s precisely what happened when a young schoolboy found a massive shark tooth on an English beach. This remarkable discovery is a big deal because it’s not just any tooth — it’s from a gigantic ancient shark called the megalodon. The discovery Ben Evans, an avid ...

Viena Abdon

The giant megalodon shark tooth.

Uncovering South Australia’s Oldest Known Shipwreck

The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) and non-profit Silentworld Foundation have continued ongoing archaeological investigation of the wreck of the South Australian, with recent research from a combined team of experts published in the journal Historical Archaeology. The South Australian is South Australia’s oldest known European shipwreck. The English barque, wrecked in 1837 in Encounter Bay near modern-day Victor Harbor, ...

Troy Oakes

Divers surveying the South Australian shipwreck.

In a Stone Age Cemetery, DNA Reveals a Treasured ‘Founding Father’

From the remains of nearly 100 ancient individuals found in a Stone Age community, we have reconstructed two extensive prehistoric family trees from a 6,700-year-old cemetery in France, revealing fresh insights into the Stone Age community. Our new results, published in Nature, show a group of prehistoric farmers who lived within a network of other ...

Troy Oakes

A grave's skeletal remains.