Science Communicators Need to Stop Telling Everybody the Universe Is a Meaningless Void

The scientific worldview has made great contributions to humanity’s flourishing. However, as science advances into territory once firmly held by religion — attempting to answer questions about the origins of the universe, life, and consciousness — science communication often paints a fairly pessimistic picture of the world. Take a few examples. An article in New ...

Troy Oakes

A galaxy in the universe.

Red Planet Unleashed: Elon Musk’s Plans for Terraforming Mars

Elon Musk is thrilled about going to space and has big plans. He wants people to be able to stay on Mars and grow. The name for this process is “terraforming.”  Terraforming is like making Mars more like Earth so people would want to live there. Elon Musk wants people to love life on Mars. ...

Viena Abdon

Mars, the red planet.

Seal Savior: Cornwall’s Kindhearted Lifeline for Marine Life

A complex web of interdependence exists between the various organisms that comprise an ecosystem, such as seals. Earth’s rich biodiversity is essential to the planet’s continued existence. Therefore, the loss of even a single species can have far-reaching effects on the biosphere. Some species become extinct because of human interference, specifically deforestation and destroying their ...

Viena Abdon

A seal.

Giant Eagles and Scavenging Vultures Shared the Skies of Ancient Australia

Today, Australia is home to 17 species of hawks and eagles. But the fossil record shows some other, rather special raptors were present in the relatively recent past. Tens of thousands of years ago, Australia was home to species such as Dynatoaetus gaffae, the largest eagle ever to have lived in Australia, and Cryptogyps lacertosus, ...

Troy Oakes

Eagles and vultures in ancient Australia.

Forensic Analysis of Cat Hair DNA Could Catch Criminals

Researchers at the University of Leicester in England have found a new way to link suspects to a crime scene or a victim using cat hair DNA. They say that a single strand of cat hair left at a crime scene can be linked to an individual cat — provided there was a cat. Conversely, ...

Nathan Machoka

A cat.

The Sun’s Activity Cycle Is Reaching Its Peak Early

Our Sun is a steady and everlasting companion. Reliable like a clock, its apparent passage across the sky allows us to measure time. The Sun and its path is also the source of Earth’s seasons. But in many respects, our Sun is far from calm and unchanging. Close up, the Sun shows extensive variation and ...

Troy Oakes

Image of the Sun releasing a solar flare, captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.