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Maintaining Brain Health After 40: Foods and Habits to Help Prevent Dementia

As you age, your brain health begins to show signs of decline, starting around the age of 40. However, there are effective methods to not only halt this decline, but also potentially to increase your cognitive abilities. A combination of a brain-boosting diet and the proper exercise regime, such as brisk walking, can be instrumental ...

Mikel Davis

Mature couple relaxing on the grass in a park with a pile of fresh fruit, some books, and a pair of glasses in the foreground and a bicycle in the background.

The Changing Landscape of Elderly Care: Switzerland’s ‘Time Bank’

Everyone grows old, but how can the elderly age with grace without becoming a burden to their children? Traditionally, Chinese people believed in the concept of “raising children to care for oneself in old age.” However, this might not be practical anymore. As we see a trend toward fewer children in families, many young couples ...

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Elderly couple embracing as they look out over a lake.

15 Life Lessons for Happiness After 50

The renowned Russian psychologist Pavlov said: “Happiness is the only secret to good health.” Since happiness and health are naturally connected, how can we make ourselves happier as we get older? If you’re already 50, here are 15 life lessons for happiness 1. Appreciate life’s beauty and live in the moment Pay attention to the ...

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Youthful State of Mind: 5 Reasons Why People Look Young

Have you noticed that some people who are young look old, while others who are old look young? Let’s see why this may be. Your state of mind determines your appearance. There is a poem by Samuel Ullman (1840-1924) titled Youth that says: “Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of ...

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5 Tips to Keep You Younger

Although you can neither stop the passage of time nor control the aging of your body, there are indeed many ways to delay and reduce the aging process that will make you look younger and keep your body healthy. Living free from disease can also make people happier. Many bad habits are formed at a ...

Mikel Davis

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12 Secrets to Live Over 100 Years Without Dementia

Japanese people are known for their longevity. Recently a book by Dr. Takuji Shirasawa entitled 101 Ways to Live 100 Years Old without Dementia indicates that a good diet and good habits in life contribute substantially to keeping the brain young and active. 12 things to do to live over 100 years without dementia 1. Drink a ...

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A Grandmother’s Poem on Aging Is Something You Should Hear

No one can avoid getting old and eventually saying goodbye to life. Some people are disturbed by this reality and get depressed having to face it. But people like Wanda Goines gracefully accept their aging process as a natural part of life and even find joy in it. Prior to her death in 2016, this ...

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Wanda Goines.