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The Health Benefits of Apples

As the proverb goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Modern research has also confirmed that eating apples helps prevent diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes, and several types of cancer. The nutritional content of different varieties varies greatly, and some common ways of eating them will significantly reduce their benefits. In ...

Emma Lu

Gala apples in a small wooden crate.

7 Fruits That Relieve Dry Eyes

As many of us are already aware, looking at a computer screen or phone for extended periods will cause dry eyes. The retina of the eye has a photosensitive substance known as rhodopsin. The light from a screen will damage the eyes, and after a long time, the eyes will feel tired, dry, and itchy. ...

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A woman holding two slices of papaya over her eyes.

5 Fun Things to Do in Minnesota That Don’t Involve Lakes

When people think of recreation in Minnesota, the state’s lakes often come to mind. With just about every summer and winter lake activity you can imagine, there isn’t much you can’t do on Minnesota’s 10,000-plus lakes. But having fun in the state isn’t just about the lakes. In fact, some of the best recreation the ...

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A Welcome to Minnesota road sign.

What These Men Did With Apples Decided Their Futures

The rich and the poor were once at the same starting line, but the final result was quite different — what is the reason for this? This is a story about how three men’s futures were decided by what they did with some apples. Three men went out together to search for opportunities to make a ...

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Apples hanging on trees.

These Fruits Can Keep Your Muscles Strong

Within the flesh, skin, and seeds of many fruits and vegetables lie hidden chemical compounds that can increase longevity and help to maintain a healthy body into old age. We’ve always known these natural foods are good for us, but now science is discovering new uses for common fruits we’ve been eating for thousands of ...

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Two red apples sitting on a wooden surface.

3 Foods for the Stomach

The stomach is the digestive organ, which has the functions of digesting food and protecting the human body. For people suffering from stomach diseases, protecting this organ is very important.  Generally, there are three manifestations of poor gastrointestinal (GI) health. Manifestations of poor GI health 1. Weakness  When the function of the stomach decreases, it can’t ...

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A bowl of baby spinach.

Appalachian Apple Hunter Tom Brown Rescues 1,000 ‘Lost’ Apple Varieties

The awareness among people to preserve the environment and wildlife species has shot up, which is quite inspiring. You may have come across NGOs and organizations fighting to save endangered birds and animal species, and people crusading against deforestation, etc. You may think that apple varieties come in just green, golden, and red, and that’s ...

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Apple varieties on the brink of extinction are being rescued.

These 5 Foods Can Help Prevent Atherosclerosis

Many people think that cardiovascular disease occurs only in the elderly. In recent years, however, reports of heart attacks, strokes, or sudden death in middle-aged or young people suggest that a broader range of the population is now at risk from atherosclerosis. Dirty pipes We frequently compare blood vessels to water pipes. Dirt can accumulate ...

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A man having a heart attack.

These 6 Foods Are Excellent for Liver Health

The liver is a very vital organ. Therefore, liver health is particularly important for the immune system and helps fight infection. It removes bacteria from the blood and produces bile, which is essential for digestion. 6 foods for liver health 1. Oats Oatmeal contains healthy carbohydrates and has many benefits for the liver. Oats are ...

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A woman holding a poster for liver health.

9 Incredible Foods to Help Prevent Chronic Disease

Many diseases are caused by improper diet, especially at dinnertime, and eating the wrong foods may bring on chronic diseases. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay special attention to what you eat for dinner in order to prevent chronic diseases. Prevent chronic diseases by avoiding these 3 foods for dinner 1. Avoid foods high in fat ...

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