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How Safe Is Your Food: The Most Prevalent Bacteria in the Food Industry

Humans require safe, healthy, nutritious food to lead a quality life. However, if the food is not handled correctly, it can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals, and parasites. These can cause mild to chronic illnesses affecting mainly children and seniors.  So be vigilant to ensure that food is handled safely from production to ...

Nathan Machoka

Artist's drawing of E. coli bacteria.

10 Practical Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor Naturally

Body odor is a natural occurrence that results from an interaction between sweat and bacteria on your skin. However, unpleasant and persistent body odor (BO) can be the biggest source of self-consciousness, which may impact your self-esteem and social interactions. Luckily, several strategies can help you reduce body odor. But before we delve into these ...

Nathan Machoka

A man with body odor.

Oil Pulling for Healthier Teeth and Gums

Many people swear by natural remedies for whitening teeth and detoxing the mouth. Oil pulling is one of the most popular natural remedies for detoxing the mouth and improving oral health. Oil pulling is an ancient practice believed to help remove impurities from the body and a remedy known to improve dental health, freshen breath, ...

Haidene Go

Coconut oil and toothpaste.

Why Raw Milk Cheese Is Restricted in the U.S.

Raw milk cheese is made with milk that has not been subjected to the pasteurization process. According to USDA food consumption laws, raw milk cheese is prohibited for sale unless it has been aged for a minimum of 60 days at a temperature of 35°F. Some see this law as completely unnecessary since a number ...

Raven Montmorency

Wheels of cheese aging.

How to Protect Yourself From Pool-Related Germs

If you like traveling, then you will be among the many who also enjoy the amenities of the hotels you stay at. The tubs in the spa, the pools, or the water playgrounds for kids offer hours of well-deserved downtime for busy parents, but you need to protect yourselves from pool-related germs. However, the Cryptosporidium, ...

Hermann Rohr

an oudoor swimming pool.