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The 3 Taboos of Wealth and Status: How Behavior Shapes Your Destiny

Regardless of your status or wealth, breaking any of these three major taboos will definitely lead to disasters. In fact, causality and retribution are closely related, though they may seem to be invisible to the human eye. As an old saying goes: “Good begets good, and evil begets evil.”  You may believe that money and ...

Tatiana Denning

On the man's left is an arid landscape with deep cracks in the parched earth and a sandstorm in the distance. On his right is a beautiful expanse of lush, green grass as far as the eye can see with blue sky and a few puffy white clouds overhead.

10 Things Not to Do in Japan

Traveling can be an amazing eye-opener — getting to experience a different culture, learning a foreign language, or just being able to get the chance of observing the human condition from a different perspective. Some countries lean more toward etiquette than others. Japan is one of those countries. While you won’t run into legal issues if you ...

Hermann Rohr

Traits of a Good Upbringing

Wondering how to be successful, charming, or popular? The best qualities in a person will vary, based on the person assessing or being assessed, but there’s no denying there are certain qualities to look for in a person that are common across the board. Most people would agree that the best traits of a person ...

Nspirement Staff