The 3 Taboos of Wealth and Status: How Behavior Shapes Your Destiny

On the man's left is an arid landscape with deep cracks in the parched earth and a sandstorm in the distance. On his right is a beautiful expanse of lush, green grass as far as the eye can see with blue sky and a few puffy white clouds overhead.
The following tale enlightens the world's people about the timeless law that Heaven and Earth know what is in man's heart: What man sows is what he reaps, and Heaven is weighing everything mankind does. (Image: Ben Goode via Dreamstime)

Regardless of your status or wealth, breaking any of these three major taboos will definitely lead to disasters. In fact, causality and retribution are closely related, though they may seem to be invisible to the human eye. As an old saying goes: “Good begets good, and evil begets evil.” 

You may believe that money and power can shield you from retribution, but it is definitely not the case. In the face of destiny, no one is exempt from its effects. If you violate certain taboos, it is guaranteed that you will encounter retribution, regardless of your financial status.

3 taboos that can bring retribution

Taboo #1:  Never set a bad example for children

There was a nouveau riche man who suddenly gained a lot of money in his 40s, which made him very happy. He took his two sons and traveled around to various luxurious places, indulging themselves in worldly pleasures and having a good time.

A tableu set with miniature figures: A man embracing his wife as he lifts her in the air is standing on a pile of coins next to a miniature white car and a miniature airplane in front of a cardboard house.
There was a nouveau riche man who suddenly gained a lot of money in his 40s, which made him very happy. (Image: Sirichaidreamstime via Dreamstime)

Ten years later, after both of his sons graduated from college, they started to linger in bars and nightclubs, indulging in a life of drinking and pleasure. Shortly thereafter, the older son fell ill, while the younger son was scammed out of a large amount of money. Even worse, both of his sons acted violently toward their father.

The father was heartbroken and couldn’t figure out what had happened to his two sons. Why had things turned out this way? In fact, it was related to what he had done. His sons cultivated bad habits simply because their father helped them indulge in a life of pleasure and excess once he became rich. Obviously, the father was the mastermind behind the situation.

The lesson to be learned is to never indulge yourself in a life of pleasure and set a bad example for your children. When the parents set a bad example, their children will follow suit. The wealthier you are, the more you should discipline yourself and your children. If parents behave themselves well, their children won’t go awry.

Taboo #2:  Don’t be arrogant and snobbish

At the entrance of a village, there lived two sisters. The older sister married a simple man and led a peaceful life, while the younger sister got involved with a wealthy man and became increasingly arrogant and overbearing. 

One day, both sisters returned home to visit their parents. The older sister arrived in her simple and inexpensive car, which she had filled with bags full of gifts for their parents. The younger sister, on the other hand, arrived in a luxury car with an attitude that flaunted her power, as if she was superior to everyone else. 

As neighbors discussed her behavior behind her back, her husband realized that his wife had changed after climbing up in social status. She believed that money made her superior to others and even wanted to interfere in family affairs, despite lacking experience or knowledge. Her husband began thinking less of his foolish wife, who he considered beneath him. The husband finally ended up having an affair with another woman, leaving his wife alone in their expensive house without any financial support. 

Modern luxury waterfront Mediterranean style estate home located along Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida.
The husband finally ended up having an affair with another woman, leaving his wife alone in their expensive house without any financial support. (Image: Fotoluminate via Dreamstime)

After being spoiled by wealth for years, she felt deeply wronged by his abandonment, which led to their divorce and left her penniless. It is well said that modesty leads to success, and arrogance leads to failure. Those who are conceited will inevitably suffer loneliness and misery beyond imagination.

Taboo #3:  Don’t seek a position or status that you don’t deserve

During the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, there was a general named Li Guangli who was promoted through nepotism. Li Guangli lacked both talent and skill, yet harbored ambitions to make a name for himself. 

He led an army of over 100,000 to attack the Xiongnu, but was defeated and suffered heavy casualties. Nevertheless, Emperor Wu forgave him. Emboldened, Li Guangli became increasingly ungrateful, and even conspired with the Prime Minister to plot a coup to overthrow the emperor and install Prince Liu Wu on the throne. As a result, the Prime Minister was executed and Li Guangli surrendered to the Xiongnu following another defeat. He was killed by Wei Lu the following year. 

Throughout history, there have been innumerable people like Li Guangli who lacked self-awareness and virtue. More often than not, they meet with ignoble ends. The reason is plain to see: When one’s virtue fails to match what one possesses, those possessions will turn around and consume them. When lacking virtue, one should cultivate it. If that proves impossible, one should not covet what does not belong to them. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to disaster.

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