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A Tale of Immediate Reward for Virtue and Doing a Good Deed

It is said that a person is rich and prosperous for a reason. Accumulation of virtue, in this life or from previous lives, can be exchanged into wealth and prosperity. This is a true story from the Qing Dynasty of immediate reward for having virtue and doing a good deed. In the Shunzhi era, an elderly ...

Tatiana Denning

A hoard of Chinese coins.

Who Will Discover the Wealth Buried by Liu Bowen?

Do people bury their money for future generations? A military strategist of the Ming Dynasty named Liu Bowen is said to have done so. But has anyone found it? There’s a famous story that has been told for generations in the Tianzhang Monastery in Shaoxing, China. The story goes that one day a group of ...

Nspirement Staff

A Ming Dynasty temple.