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A Brave Escape: Fleeing New Zealand’s Chinese Consulate (Part 1)

This is a two-part story; please go here for Part 2 Dong Luo Bin was an employee of the Chinese Consulate in Auckland, the capital of  New Zealand. However, one day in May 2018, he successfully fled from the consulate and applied for political asylum with the government of New Zealand. This is the first case of ...

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Why the China-Vatican Deal Is a Cause for Concern

In October, the Vatican announced that it had extended its deal with Beijing with regard to the appointment of bishops in China. The new agreement renews the historic China-Vatican deal signed in 2018. However, it continues to be a cause of concern since the deal basically gives the Chinese communist regime control over how Christianity ...

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The Vatican.

Letter Pleads for Vatican to End Deal With China

In 2018, the Vatican signed an agreement with the Chinese government that stated the Church can only appoint bishops that have been approved by the state. Plus, the Vatican will have no right to veto a bishop recommended by the Chinese regime. Recently, a group of human rights activists and clergy wrote a letter to the Vatican ...

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The Vatican.

A Grim History: Persecution of Cathars by the Vatican

The persecution of Cathars by the Catholic Church has to be one of the most violent religious episodes in French history over the past millennium. Cathars were the followers of Catharism, a Christian sect that was prevalent predominantly in southern regions of France between the 12th and 14th centuries. The conflict between Cathars and Catholics emerged after ...

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The Cathars.

Pope Promises to Fight Sexual Abuse, Activists Are Unconvinced

Last February, the Vatican held what was one of its biggest summit against sexual abuse in the Church. About 114 presidents of bishops’ conferences from around the world attended the event where Pope Francis called for an “all-out battle” against such atrocities. However, human rights activists feel that the Vatican is yet to take harsh ...

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George Pell: A Catholic Cardinal’s Fall From Grace

Prior to 2017, George Pell was a well-respected figure in the Catholic community. Hailing from Australia, he has been the archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne. He was also seen as a promising candidate to replace Pope Francis. In fact, he was perfect secretariat for the Holy See for three years, which made him third-in-charge after ...

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More Catholic Church Sex Scandals Brought to Light

Two Chilean bishops who have been accused of sexually abusing minors have been stripped of their priesthoods by Pope Francis. The evidence against the bishops was said to be so overwhelming that even a canonical trial was deemed unnecessary for defrocking. However, the Catholic Church sex scandals continue to undermine people’s faith in the Vatican. ...

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Vatican Supports Pope Francis Against Sexual Abuse Cover-Up Scandal

In what is the Vatican’s first direct response to the sexual abuse cover-up scandal against Pope Francis, an official from the religious organization has come down heavily on the ambassador who stirred up the issue, claiming that it was a political hit job. Meanwhile, Pope Francis’ popularity has shown a marked decline in the U.S. ...

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