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SBS to Temporarily Stop Airing China Central Television (CTTV)

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), a hybrid-funded Australian public service broadcaster, has said it is going to stop its regular broadcasts of China Central Television (CTTV). This development took place after a human rights group pointed out that the broadcaster was airing possibly forced confessions. SBS has taken note of the allegation and stated that ...

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CCTV Anchor’s Words Anger 1.4 Billion Chinese

The many disasters in China during 2020, including the COVID-19 outbreak and flooding in the south, have caused great harm to mainland Chinese people. Recently, the on-air words from CCTV anchor Kang Hui angered Chinese netizens who had already been feeling down for a long time. On August 8, CCTV News asked the popular CCTV ...

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China Has Built a Digital Prison for Tibetans

In the past, thousands of Tibetans migrated to India to escape the brutal Chinese communist regime occupying their land. But now, such migrations have largely stopped as Beijing has built an expansive hi-tech surveillance system that traps Tibetans inside a digital prison. The Tibetan digital prison According to estimates, about 150,000 Tibetans are living in ...

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CGTN Under Scrutiny of Media Regulator for Forced Confession Broadcasts

The UK’s broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom, has initiated an investigation into the role of China Global Television Network (CGTN) in airing a forced confession of a British national. The complaint was made by Peter Humphrey and his wife Yu Yingzeng, an American national. CGTN Confession scandal In 2013, Humphrey and Yu were imprisoned by Chinese authorities ...

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China’s Skynet Surveillance System Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

In its pursuit of creating a perfectly controlled society, China has been implementing its Skynet surveillance system across the country, where people will be monitored 24-7 through a network of millions of cameras. And although the government might succeed in implementing its ideal of total social control, it will eventually kill the spirit of the ...

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Using Feng Shui to Understand China Central Television’s Scandals

Feng shui could have predicted all of the reports of corruption and sex scandals at China Central Television (CCTV) that have been quite common in recent years. Outsiders have described the network as both a “harem” and “brothel” to CCP senior officials. Various staff members have been replaced, and some were even arrested. What could ...

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