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The Legacy of a Wise Mother: How Tian Ji’s Integrity Shaped the State of Qi

During the Warring States period, the State of Qi was a powerful and prosperous nation. Under the reign of King Xuan of Qi, Tian Ji was appointed as the prime minister, leading to a period of political clarity and integrity among officials. This success was largely attributed to the wise upbringing of Tian Ji by ...

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Hai Rui: Champion of Integrity Against Ming Dynasty Corruption

During the reign of Emperor Shizong of the Ming Dynasty, Hai Rui, the magistrate of Chun’an County in Zhejiang Province, was renowned for his unwavering commitment to justice and his refusal to yield to the rich and powerful. The local people honored him with the nickname “Hai Qingtian,” likening him to Bao Qingtian, the legendary ...

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Statue of upright Ming Dynasty official Hai Rui.

Karmic Consequences: Exploring Tales of Destiny, Justice, and Redemption

In the world, the karmic consequences of life all have their causes, without the slightest error, though it is difficult for those involved to see them clearly. Cheng Bolin’s destined path In the late Ming Dynasty, Cheng Bolin, a merchant from Huizhou, lived with his family in Yangzhou. He was a devout Buddhist and often ...

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8 Exemplary Mothers of Ancient China: The Pillars of Virtue and Valor (Part 3)

Throughout history, the influence of mothers has been an unwavering force in shaping cultures, values, and even the destinies of nations. In ancient China, the adage “when you drink water, think of its source” underscores the deep-seated respect for maternal origins and the pivotal role of mothers in shaping character. As we delve into the ...

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8 Exemplary Mothers of Ancient China: The Pillars of Virtue and Valor (Part 2)

Throughout history, the influence of mothers in shaping leaders and visionaries has been profound and enduring. In ancient China, the enduring principle that “to know the virtues of the ancestors, one must trace the roots” reflects a deep reverence for maternal wisdom. This second part of our series continues to explore the lives of exemplary ...

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Master of Destiny: Yuan Gong and the Art of Ming Dynasty Physiognomy

Yuan Gong, a remarkable figure from the Ming Dynasty, authored the extraordinary book on physiognomy, Liu Zhuang’s Methods of Physiognomy. His technique primarily involved observing a person’s complexion to predict their future. Yuan Gong, also known by his courtesy name Tingyu, hailed from Yin County (now Ningbo). He was known as the Scholar of Liu ...

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Illustration of a Chinese official sitting to have a face reading performed.

Eminent Monk of the Tang Dynasty: The Life and Miracles of Pan Liao Quan

Pan Liao Quan (812-861) was a revered monk during the Tang Dynasty, whose life was marked by spiritual phenomena from the very beginning. Born in Sha County, Fujian Province, to Pan Dezhang and a mother surnamed Qiu, his early life already hinted at his future monastic significance. The unyielding fist A notable event occurred right ...

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Asian monk walking through grass toward a giant Buddha statue.

Fate and Fortune: Fang Guancheng’s Guardian Angels

In the tumultuous times of the Qing Dynasty, a man named Fang Guancheng (1696-1768) from Tongcheng experienced a life filled with both fortuitous encounters and narrow escapes from peril. His early years were marked by adversity when his father was forcibly conscripted into the army due to involvement with a distinguished author whose works sparked ...

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