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Sun Simiao Waited 50 Years for Li Shimin

In traditional Chinese culture, Buddhism emphasizes predestined relationships among people: between husbands and wives, relatives and friends, and rulers and ministers. The encounter between Sun Simiao and Emperor Taizong of Tang, born Li Shimin, was also predestined. Sun Simiao was a Chinese physician and writer of the Sui and Tang dynasties. He was titled China’s “King of Medicine” for ...

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Emperor Taizong.

The Four Anchors Are Traditional Chinese Virtues

The Chinese proverb of the Four Anchors, also known as the Four Social Bonds (四維 sìwéi), represents the sense of propriety, justice, integrity, and honor (禮義廉恥 lǐ yì lián chǐ), which are the traditional Chinese virtues. lǐ (禮) means proper rite, ceremony, propriety, etiquette, courtesy, manners; yì (義) denotes righteousness, justice; lián (廉) signifies honesty, cleanness, incorruptible; chǐ (恥) means shame, a sense ...

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A Chinese temple.

How a POW Used Chinese Wisdom

This is a true story that happened in a Japanese-run prisoner-of-war (POW) concentration camp during World War II that was located in China. Every day, the Allied POWs had to do 15 hours of hard labor. The quality of the food served to the prisoners was poor and the available amount of food was very ...

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American soldiers getting out of a truck at a Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II.

Integrity Brings Wealth and Blessings

Regardless of what culture or race we belong to, integrity has the highest value. A friend of mine brought US$15,500 (100,000 yuan) to Shenzhen to take over a business laying floor tiles. After the contract was signed, the selling party from Shantou knew that it would be a loss-making deal. So the boss from Shantou ...

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Floor tiles.

Fascinating Rituals and Customs Surrounding Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a traditional festival with a long history. It’s the most important holiday for Chinese people, and thus much attention has been paid to it since ancient times. Its preparation starts seven days before Chinese New Year’s Eve, from the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month. The activities and customs during the festival are ...

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Chinese dragon with lanterns and smoke from firecrackers in the background

The Traditional Virtue of Filial Piety Is Well Preserved in Taiwan

Well goes an old saying: “Of all virtues, filial piety is the first (百善孝為先).”  It is the traditional virtue of respecting and caring for one’s parents and ancestors.  The Chinese character for filial piety The Chinese character 孝 xiao is made up of two parts. The upper part is the character 老 (lao), which denotes ...

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A painting showing filial piety.

Art Extravaganza: The Incredible Art of Crafting Shen Yun Costumes

Shen Yun’s performances combine a live orchestra with extravagant dance movements that are an absolute delight to watch. The elegant, beautiful costumes worn by the dancers give each Shen Yun performance an otherworldly charm and are one of the reasons people tend to be amazed by them. A lot of work goes into the creation ...

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The Shen Yun orchestra.

Chinese Traditional Culture Embodied by Beautiful Artisan Jewelry

Most notions about jewelry are pretty superficial, as jewelry is often associated with materialism and glamour. However, these notions will likely change after seeing the work of Ariel Tan, owner and founder of Yun Boutique in New York City. Jewelry and the connection between Heaven and Earth Throughout history, China has been known as the ...

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Yun Boutique jewelry.

The Oriental Blossoms

Hong Kong’s Flower Show in March 2018 opened up to much fanfare and celebration as it honored the joy of blooming flowers. This annual show of oriental blossoms is always a success, as flowers are of great importance to the Chinese people. Flowers in China are not just essential for their artistic value; they are ...

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