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Good Deeds Will Always Be Rewarded With Blessings

Many stories abound from ancient times to today of people’s good deeds being rewarded. The story of a villager and the county official During one particular year, Xinxian County suffered a great famine in the Yuzhang area. The people there barely survived. One villager had nothing but the walls of his home and only a ...

Emma Lu

Rice spilling out of a sack.

COVID Patient Positive for Record 505 Days

Ever since the coronavirus-induced pandemic hit the world, life has changed drastically for billions of people. After the various rounds of coronavirus lockdowns, switchovers to work from home setups, and social distancing protocols, life is slowly limping back to normalcy. Even after the arrival and rollout of various COVID-19 vaccines, the virus continues to infect ...

Raven Montmorency

female doctor with an elderly female COVID patient.

Questions About US-Funded Research at the Wuhan Lab

The debate surrounding the origins of the coronavirus simply refuses to die as congressional testimony over the issue of U.S. money being used to fund research at the Wuhan lab in China leads to ongoing allegations and denials during congressional testimonies. Several voices both within and outside the U.S. government have been pointing fingers at ...

Max Lu

Image of the coronavirus on a blue background.

How Taiwan Beat China to Emerge as Asia’s Top-Performing Economy in 2020

For the first time in 30 years, Taiwan’s economy raced past that of mainland China’s, growing 3.11 percent in 2020, exceeding China’s 2.3 percent expansion according to its National Statistics bureau. The last time Taiwan’s economy grew faster than that of China was in 1990 when the island’s 5.5 percent growth rate beat its larger ...

David Clapp

Taiwanese semiconductor chip.