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A Favor Returned: How Resecuing a Drowning Stranger Saved Another’s Life

Have you ever heard of coincidences in drowning? One story in the book The World’s Most Incredible Stories highlights how three people were connected in a most unusual way. It rarely happens when you meet someone randomly and then meet them again later. Even rarer is the possibility of meeting someone you saved under different ...

Mike West

A person drowning.

Confucius and the Mandate of Heaven: Respecting Divine Beings and Spirits

In both Chinese and Western cultures, there is a belief in the Mandate of Heaven and the existence of divine beings and spirits. The West celebrates Christmas as the day a divine being was born into this world, while the Chinese acknowledge the Divine by careful consideration of auspicious days when choosing when to hold ...

Mikel Davis

Statue of Confucius outdoors among trees.

The Unexpected Love Story of Zhang Wenzhong and Huang Meilun

An astonishing story concerning a man and his future wife occurred in Changhua County, Taiwan. This story unfolds around a disappointed and emotionally frustrated Zhang Wenzhong. Zhang Wenzhong was 30 years old; during his early years, he experienced many emotional setbacks in daily life and his various relationships. As a result, his morale had been ...

Emma Lu


If Your Life Is Predestined, Can You Change Your Fate?

There is a saying: “Everything that happens is predestined. There are things that we as human beings cannot change.” How accurate is this saying, and can you change your fate? Lin Gengbei, a legendary politician, poet, and fortune teller who lived in China during the early 20th century, confirmed the truth of this saying. Author ...

Max Lu

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What Is the Ultimate Purpose of Reincarnation?

Many cases of reincarnation have been relayed by people from both Eastern and Western countries. While some accounts have been handed down from ancient times, there are others that have occurred in the modern day and age. Past lives influence present lives In recent years, there have been many cases of reincarnation. A medical doctor ...

Mikel Davis

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An Ancient Tale of How Actions Control Fate

Fate brings you opportunities, and free will determines whether or not you take them. Fate is the destiny pre-planned for you, but it’s up to you to do something with it. Put another way, fate is the potential possibilities of your life. Here is an ancient tale about the fate of two brothers. During the ...

Max Lu

Bronze statues depicting ancient Chinese officials grading the Imperial Exam.

How True Wealth Comes From the Heart

Kkevin Gates said: “True wealth is not of the pocket, but of the heart and of the mind.” Many years ago in China, several peasants staged a mass exodus out of a village plagued by prolonged drought. Lao Wang joined the ranks of refugees with his only worldly possession, a sack of potatoes. While on ...

Kathy McWilliams

A sack of potatoes.

Where Does Your Wealth Come From?

There is a famous saying in the West: “Man plans, and God laughs.” Though man may compete and strive for things like wealth or a prestigious position, what actually determines if he will have these things in his lifetime? It seems that just because someone wants these things, it does not mean that he will have ...

Tatiana Denning

A wealthy woman getting ready to board a private jet.

Carlos Gutierrez: One’s Fate Is Determined by Good Deeds

Carlos Gutierrez’s father owned a pineapple plantation just outside of Havana, Cuba. During the Cuban Revolution, when Carlos was 6 years old, Fidel Castro’s guerrilla army marched on Havana and usurped authority over their plantation. The Gutierrez family was forced to flee to Miami. When it became apparent they could not return to Cuba, they ...

Emma Lu

A pineapple growing in the field at a pineapple plantation.