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Their Amazing Fate Played Out When Two Lives Crossed 

In a remote coastal town in East London, South Africa, there lived a couple named George and Helen. George worked long hours on a vineyard in the north end of town every day, while Helen, who was pregnant with their child, stayed at home to rest. Who could ever foretell the amazing fate when two ...

Tatiana Denning

Woman in red coat carrying a bundle on her head walking down a road in South Africa.

What Almost Changed This Young Man’s Fate?

A Chinese proverb states: “Fate leads those who are willing, but must push those who are not.” Once upon a time in the Qing Dynasty, there was a young man who was brought up in an aristocratic family and was engaged to the daughter of a rich man when he was still a child. However, ...

Max Lu

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Are You Responsible for Your Own Good or Bad Fortune?

Is a person responsible for his or her own good or bad fortune? There are two contrasting examples found in Chinese folklore that act as examples of this. One man found a small fortune in silver, but he did not keep it. The outcome was that he was rewarded even after he refused a reward. ...

David Jirard

Sunrise over the mountains.

Incredible Ancient Art of Chinese Face Reading

Chinese face reading, also known as physiognomy, has a history going back thousands of years in China. In ancient China, there was a saying: “If you want to know whether someone is wise, just look at their forehead; if you want to know about a person’s reputation, nobleness, wealth, blessings, and longevity, look at their ...

Jessica Kneipp

A Chinese lady with gentle face and traditional clothing reading a book.

The Strong Power of Your Inner Voice

I learned a long time ago to listen to my inner voice. It is a warm summer day in Australia, during a pandemic, and an odd silence wraps up the city of Melbourne due to a new sudden and unexpected lockdown, the third. Once again, I find myself immersed in my thoughts and, while trying ...

Laura Cozzolino

Laura Cozzolino sitting in front of the Australian flag.

5 Dollars Changed the Fate of Two People

Bernie worked for a law firm in the United States. Little did he know what fate had in store for him. He took on many immigrants’ cases and was frequently called late at night to the detention unit of the migration office to pick up people. He often had to deal with police and gangsters at ...

Emma Lu

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Your Heart Creates the Appearance That Leads to Prosperity or Failure

What’s in your heart will determine success or failure. In the Song Dynasty, there were identical twin brothers, Gao Xiaobiao and Gao Xiaoji. At the age of 16, they took part in the state examination system and both passed the county-level examination, gaining recognition as individuals who had “cultivated talents.” Once they married, their parents ...

Helen London

A landscape at dusk.

God Has Eyes

Taipei in May and June of 1981 was hot and humid. My four children wanted to go for a walk. We went out, and as we were passing Hengyang Road, an old man suddenly ran toward us, insistent on telling me my fortune. I refused his request many times until the situation became uncomfortable. The ...

Helen London

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Charitable Acts Can Change One’s Fate for the Good

Fate is predestined. However, helping others and doing charitable acts can alter some negative circumstances. Here is an example that shows how this can happen. There was a businessman in Anhui Province, China. He was in his 30s and married, but he had not been blessed with a child even though he wanted one so ...

Emma Lu

Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province.

Fate: Blacksmith Agrees to Give 500 Coins to a Scholar

Fate works in mysterious ways. In the last year (A.D. 618) of the Sui Dynasty, a poor scholar from Taiyuan had to teach in order to support his family. He lived close to a storeroom. One day, he snuck into the storeroom and saw tens of thousands of coins inside. He could not resist and ...

Armin Auctor

A blacksmith hammering hot metal.