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The Power of Kindness: From a 10 Yuan Favor to a Millionaire’s Gratitude

In 2013, a phone call in a noodle shop in Zhejiang, China, triggered a remarkable story that unfolded over two decades. The tale involved a woman’s kindness and a man’s relentless quest to express his gratitude. This story is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and gratitude, and it’s sure to inspire those ...

Max Lu

The impact of kindness.

The Grape and the Monk: An Ancient Parable on Shaping One’s Destiny

Throughout history, tales have been told to illuminate the deeper truths of our existence, to guide us when we feel lost, and to remind us of the power that lies within. Such is the ancient parable of Defu, whose name symbolizes fortune, but whose life was marked by anything but. Through an unexpected encounter with ...

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Changing Destiny Through Virtue: The Legacy of Dou Yanshan

Is it possible for a person to change their destiny? This is an age-old question. A sentence in the ancient Chinese text Three Character Classic mentions: “Dou Yanshan, a model of virtue, taught his five sons well, leaving behind a legacy.” Today, we delve into the transformative story of Dou Yanshan, a man who rewrote his ...

Emma Lu

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Hard as Ice, Fluid as Water: An Allegory on the Stages of a Successful Life

A young businessman was betrayed by his partner and was left without wealth or hope. Desperate and despondent, he decided to end his life by jumping into a lake. On its banks, he encountered a wise monk deep in meditation. Overwhelmed with relief, the man eagerly approached the monk, shared his tragic tale, and sincerely ...

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Ice in the form of a heart.

Transformative Thinking: 5 Inspirational Stories

There is a Chinese proverb that highlights the importance of addressing fundamental issues before anything else. It uses the metaphor of farming: If a field is unable to hold water, then no matter how good the seeds are or how hard you work, the effort will ultimately be wasted. Similarly, no matter how hard you ...

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The Power of Encouragement and Faith: Turning Struggles Into Triumphs

An old saying goes: “Kind words can bring warmth that lasts for three winters, while harsh words can chill even in the heat of summer.” Comforting and exhorting words are always beneficial; a single word of encouragement can change a person’s mindset, behavior, and perhaps even their destiny. The following two stories showcase the profound ...

Max Lu

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The Virtuous Beggar: A Tale of Honesty and Fortitude

During the Qing Dynasty in Chiayi Prefecture, Taiwan, there lived a man named Lin Dengzhang. Esteemed for his honesty and integrity, Lin found himself unfortunately embroiled in a false accusation that landed him in prison. His wife, in a desperate bid to free him, sold all their possessions, yet the funds raised were insufficient. In ...

Emma Lu

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How the Power of Honesty Changed a Beggar’s Life

On August 9, in the bustling city of New York, a curious incident unfolded that reflected the power of honesty. Merrie Harris, a female director of an advertising company, encountered a beggar while walking on the street. She had no change to give, so, in an unusual act of kindness, she handed him her credit ...

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Your Super Power of Continuous Belief

We have all experienced the power of belief in our lives. The real superpower in our lives is continuous belief — never allowing a single doubt to raise its head. The question about the supremacy of mind or matter is as old as civilization itself. How powerful an impact can continuous belief have on your ...

Emma Lu

The uplifting superpower of continuous belief.