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Beyond Words: The Value of Keeping Your Promises

The two words “I promise” carry a lot of weight, which is why when people break promises, it can create a crack in the relationship and lead to a loss of trust. Some may argue that not all promises hold the same weight. However, whichever way you look at it, a commitment is still a ...

Arianne Ayson

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The Power of Honesty: Never Lose by Embracing Truth

The world is filled with complexity and uncertainty, but there exists a timeless virtue that possesses an incredible power — honesty. It is a mighty force that cuts through the layers of deception, bringing forth clarity, trust, and authenticity. Honesty is a pillar of integrity that shapes your character and influences your relationship with people ...

Viena Abdon


The Self-Discipline Project

Controlling your emotions, desires, and actions through self-discipline lets you create a better life for yourself. “Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.”—Abraham Lincoln I learned a valuable lesson from my son. From the time he was in the womb, according to my ultrasounds, my son loved to suck ...

Tatiana Denning

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The Inheritance We Leave for Our Children Extends Beyond Material Things

When people are successful in their careers and lives, they think of building assets and plan for making provisions for their kids. While there is nothing wrong with allocating money, land, and other possessions you have for the next generation, you should understand that inheritance is not limited to material belongings. Inheritance is also about ...

Emma Lu

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Emperor Kangxi’s Family Maxims Illustrate Traditional Chinese Civilization

Emperor Kangxi worked diligently all his life — cultivating himself, regulating the family, managing the state, and bringing peace to the world. Most of his offspring were blessed with both brains and physical prowess. He left in his teachings a maxim for future generations in which he summarized the way of teaching children and illustrated the Chinese ...

Helen London

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Success and Political Correctness

Success and political correctness have a leading role in the complicated society we live in, but what is behind these apparently positive words? If we take a closer look at success, we cannot but wonder what success is in this day and age. Is it having a brilliant career, a lot of money, power and ...

Laura Cozzolino

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