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Against Tyranny: Venezuelan Lawyer Wins Human Rights Award

Marianne Díaz Hernández, a lawyer from Venezuela, has received the Human Rights Hero award at the RightsCon 2019 summit held in Tunis. She was given the award for heading advocate groups against the ruling Maduro regime’s policies that restricted personal freedoms, including free access to the Internet. Defending Internet freedom Ten years ago, Díaz began ...

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Marianne Díaz Hernández.

Pompeo Lashes Out Against Continued Chinese Support for Maduro Regime

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has lambasted the Chinese government for supporting the oppressive Maduro regime in Venezuela, accusing Beijing of pushing the Latin American country into chaos. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government is reportedly increasing its military headcount.   Chinese involvement in Venezuela “China’s bankrolling of the Maduro regime helped to precipitate and prolong ...

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Nicolas Maduro.

China Is Punishing Twitter Users for Speaking About Venezuela

The political crisis in Venezuela is making Beijing so nervous that it is cracking down on Twitter users who post any information on the matter. Though Twitter is banned in China, some access the social media website using VPNs. These users are now getting targeted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Cracking down on the ...

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‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’ Will Never Be Socialist

With several U.S. Democrats asking to implement socialist policies in the country, President Donald Trump made a strong statement that America will never accept socialism. He made the declaration during his 2019 State of the Union address. America and socialism “Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in ...

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Trump’s Strategy to Curb Russia and China in Venezuela

Right now, Venezuela has two presidents. The one in power, Nicolas Maduro, is known for his dictatorial tendencies and enjoys support from Russia and China. The one seeking power, Juan Guaidó, is the leader of the opposition party and came into the limelight only a few weeks ago when he declared himself the interim president ...

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President Trump speaking.

How China Exports Social Control Tech to Venezuela

Venezuela has adopted China’s Social Credit System, which is an example of what happens when an authoritarian government gets tech savvy. The system basically puts the entire billion-plus population of China under government control, with officials determining which citizens should be given loans, train passes, special privileges, and so on. Citizens who have negative scores ...

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Why Venezuela’s Maduro Is Getting Support From China and Russia

When Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president of the country, he was challenging the oppressive rule of the current administration led by Nicolas Maduro. While the U.S. and most of the Latin American nations announced their support of Guaidó, Russia and China chose to support dictatorial Maduro to preserve their own self-interests. ...

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Socialist dictator of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro in a youtube screenshot. On November 30 the U.S. state department put sanctions on a Chinese company CEIEC for dealing with the Venezuela regime

Venezuela: Guaidó Offers Amnesty for Maduro in Exchange for Democracy

The self-declared interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó has proposed an offer of amnesty to the ruling President Nicolas Maduro and the country’s armed forces if they peacefully step down from power and help transition the nation into a democracy. Guaidó currently enjoys the support of the U.S. and a number of its allies. Installing ...

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