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Wisdom of the Ancients: ‘Ugly Women’ 

In today’s world of instant beauty fixes, Instagram posts, and social media influencers, it is easy to forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While some think that contouring makeup and padded underwear make a woman beautiful by current standards, the ancient Chinese people had other ideas, and “ugly women” were not ...

Helen London

Painting of the imperial court in ancient China.

Top Tips to Keep Healthy Teeth

Teeth are the front line of the digestive system. It is essential to one’s overall well-being to maintain healthy teeth. Bad teeth affect chewing and become a burden on the body’s other digestive organs. Missing teeth can lead to gum recession and impact speech and looks. According to Dr. Mark Breiner DDS, the quality of the ...

Helen London

A couple sharing big smiles.

Why the Color Yellow Filled the World of Ancient Chinese Culture

According to legend, the patriarch of Chinese civilization was the Yellow Emperor. The birthplace of Chinese civilization was the Yellow Earth Plateau (Loess Plateau). The cradle of the Chinese nation was the Yellow River, and the descendants of the Yellow Emperor have yellowish skin. Since ancient times, the color yellow has been an integral part ...

Jessica Kneipp

A golden buddha statue with a yellow robe.

Getting to the Root of the Problem With Chinese Medicine

A control systems engineer in charge of product design and solutions and the creation of product manuals had an intriguing insight one day after reading The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Huangdi Neijing), a Chinese medicine medical text that’s generally dated between the late Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.) and the Han Dynasty (206 ...

Max Lu

'The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.'

China: The Middle Kingdom Where Mystical Dragons Dwell

Dragons are important creatures in Chinese mythology. It is seen as a symbol of power and is often used as an embellishment in paintings and sculptures. Several Chinese festivals also incorporate dragon masks or puppets in their celebrations. Chinese dragons Physiologically, there is a difference between the Western and Chinese concepts of dragons. In the ...

Armin Auctor

The Nine Dragon Screen.

The Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Huang-Lao

One of the most influential schools of thought in Chinese culture has been Huang-Lao, which literally translates as “Yellow Emperor Old Master.” The ideology was very popular during the early Han period of the 2nd century B.C. Huang-Lao Huang-Lao is derived from multiple philosophies that blend together to create a practical framework on how to live ...

Emma Lu

The Huang-Lao school of Chinese culture.

The Supernormal Abilities of an Ancient Chinese Physician

In China, the term “medical Tao” was first seen in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine. The focus of medical Tao is cultivation. After cultivation, supernormal abilities can be obtained to prolong life. Therefore, physicians who adhered to the medical profession in ancient times paid great attention to their own cultivation and many had supernormal ...

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Bian Que.