Jennifer Garner Makes a Solid Impression With Her Fitness Skills 

Jennifer Garner.
Jennifer Garner has three kids, but you would never guess it by looking at her! (Image: Karon Liu via Flickr)

It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Garner has turned 50! While many celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgeries to defy the signs of aging, Jennifer is not one of them. High-profile models and actors often undergo the scalpel in hopes of looking younger than their age, often with mixed outcomes. However, only a handful of celebrities stay fit and energetic without resorting to such cosmetic procedures. The actress, known for her Hollywood films, is back in the news after sharing her fitness regimen online. The Jennifer Garner exercise from home videos have received kudos from all quarters.

Keeping fit with help from the experts

Jennifer Garner’s passion for staying fit is guided by trainer Beth Nicely. The NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified trainer has performed on Broadway, is an acclaimed dancer, and is also the founder of The Limit, a well-designed virtual fitness program. Nicely admires Jennifer for the big effort she puts in when working out. When fans began viewing Jennifer’s workout videos, excitement and admiration quickly arose. 

Nicely has designed a custom workout regimen for Jennifer. It starts with a warm-up and is followed by solid cardio dances. She has also devised a challenge workout program named “The Circuit,” which contains 3 separate workout phases. Jennifer does the circuit 5 times. Nicely says: “My goal with everyone is to get through five rounds in under three minutes. Jen’s dance background might make the moves look easy, but these circuits are advanced and she is very strong.” (Women’s Health). The regime contains moves that are fast and will require a good level of fitness.

Jennifer is not only serious about working out in an apt manner, but she also pays utmost attention to her diet. She doesn’t only rely on herself for picking the right foods; she also gets help from nutritionist Kelly LeVeque. She ensures only nutrient-rich foods reach her platter. However, she has a sweet tooth and occasionally indulges in baking and cooking. The bottom line is for all these years, she has been able to maintain a slender figure. 

Commitment to fitness garners applause

On the career front, Jennifer Garner has proved her versatility as a performer in different types of challenging and offbeat roles. From popular rom-coms like 13 Going on 30 to action flicks like Peppermint and sci-fi movies like The Adam Project, she has tried many things. For her role in Peppermint, she put special attention to her workout regime and the result was exemplary. She later shared her specific routine in preparation for her role in the film.

Viewers of Jennifer’s and Nicely’s workout videos have said the movements look so energetic. The box jumps that they do are not easy for everyone. The gravity-defying moves are amazing. The viewers also think so much attention to fitness helps the star look younger than her age. She has three kids, but you would never guess it by looking at her! She does the box squats and jumps perfectly, in sync with the music.

Both she and her trainer love dancing and that works in their favor. The pair’s customized workout regime is a delightful mix of dancing, cardio, and jumping. Jennifer is an inspiring figure for living a healthy lifestyle and her videos are sure to encourage more people to get active.

Jennifer Garner never fails to stun her fans when she makes appearances on the small screen either. A few months back, she was seen on the popular Ellen Show, ahead of her 50th birthday. Ahead of the big day, she posted several videos on her Instagram page. 

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