How to Know If You Are Actually Hungry

A variety of sweets.
A variety of sweets. (Image: Mikel Davis via Nspirement)

There are some differences between true hunger (physical) versus non-food hunger (emotional), but we’ve all had those hard days when we reach for a “treat” to make us feel happier. Today, we take a look at hunger, the signal from our biology based on lack of key nutrients from real food after many hours without eating, versus emotional eating.

It’s important to understand that eating highly processed foods that are designed to elevate your brain’s reward center can produce something like an addictive effect and can also affect your emotions.

Going without these foods for a while, maybe when trying to lose weight or doing a detox, can also change how you sense your feelings or emotions. This can create a cycle of “numbing” or “comforting your feelings” with food.

So asking better questions helps create new patterns.

Here’s a tip: When a “hunger” sensation next arises, keep your attention on it and try out some of the questions I cover in this video.

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