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Haenyeo: The Tenacious South Korean Mermaid Divers

The Haenyeo, directly translated as “sea women,” represents a unique and storied tradition in the coastal towns of Jeju Island, South Korea. For centuries, these skilled divers have played a key role in catching fresh seafood, supporting their families, and fueling the economy. What sets the Haenyeo apart from other divers is their remarkable free-diving ...

Nathan Machoka

A Haenyeo.

The Art of Giving Red Envelopes: 10 Essential Tips for the Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the tradition of giving red envelopes, known as “hongbao,” takes center stage in Chinese culture. These red packets symbolize good luck and are a way to ward off evil spirits, ensuring a peaceful year ahead. While it’s a time of joy and celebration, there are certain customs and taboos ...

Max Lu

Accessories to celebrate the Lunar New Year sit on a wooden table.

5 Unique Coffee Traditions Around the World

Coffee is more than just a drink. It’s the second most sold good in the world, after oil. As a result, coffee traditions have become symbols of hospitality and social contact in many countries. Coffee’s cultural significance extends beyond its stimulating properties. It expresses heritage, history, and unique practices. This article will explore the five ...

Viena Abdon

A green mug full of coffee surrounded by coffee beans.

The Magic of the Northern Lights: Tales and Legends from Around the World

The enchanting dance of the northern lights has captivated people ever since they settled in the North. If you’ve ever had the chance to see the northern lights, you’ll see why cultures across the North formed myths and legends around them. Today, we know that the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are ...

Nathan Machoka

Spectacular display of intense northern lights in Canada.

The Magic of Fairy Tales: Keeping the Art of Storytelling Alive

From the treasure trove of our childhood memories emerge the enchanting stories told by grandparents, parents, or caregivers. Fairy tales, those captivating narratives, whisked us away to realms where dragons soared, ogres devoured misbehaving children, princesses discovered love in the most unexpected places, and ordinary objects concealed extraordinary secrets. But these stories offer us more ...

Nathan Machoka

Girl reading a story to her stuffed animals.

Christmas Greeting from Nspirement (2023)

As 2023 draws close, we reflect on a year marked by global challenges and transformations. The world has faced a pandemic, conflicts, and environmental crises, yet we’ve also seen the rise of artificial intelligence, fueling creativity and innovation and raising concerns. Embracing unity and tradition Despite our busy lives, Christmas stands as a unifying beacon. ...

Hermann Rohr

Christmas cookies cut in shapes of stars and a christmas tree.

Discover the Magic of Christmas in Hong Kong: A Holiday Like No Other

Christmas in Hong Kong (HK) is an enchanting experience that anyone fond of intercultural experiences should make a priority at least once. In the bustling city of Hong Kong, Christmas is a spectacle of joy and lights. This unique blend of traditional festivities and modern celebrations makes it an event that’s not just a holiday, ...

Hermann Rohr

Christmas in Hong Kong brings out a mesmerizing collection of decorations in the Admiralty Shopping Mall - A bunch of red-headed mushrooms with a cute brown bear laying on top of a mushroom.

The Japanese Zodiac: Which Animal Are You?

Japan is a country steeped in rich cultural traditions and folklore. The Japanese have a deep connection with nature, reflected in their symbolic use of animals.  These creatures, whether real or mythical, have profound meanings in Japanese society. Over time, they have been woven into 12 zodiac animals known as juunishi, each representing a year ...

Nathan Machoka

Twelve animals of the Japanese zodiac.