A Girl Could Not Escape Her Fate

In the Qing Dynasty, an official tried to help his daughter escape her fate after he hired a well-known Chinese fortune-teller to reveal his daughter’s fortune. “She faces an early death,” said the fortune-teller. “A tiger will kill her.” He even stated the year her fate would happen. “My daughter lives in a very secure ...

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Close up of a tiger with trees in the background.

How Confucius Influenced Chinese Concepts of Morals and Ethics

As William Blakney stated about Confucius in his 1955 translation of the Tao Te Ching: “It is no accident that China’s great moral innovator Confucius was a gregarious man who haunted capital cities, accompanied by disciples, pleading for a chance to set things right. Nor is it an accident that an important and original expression ...

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A statue of Confucius.

How a Lowly Servant in Ancient China Won the Respect of an Empire

There is a story from ancient China about Emperor Tang Wenzong, the 15th emperor of the Tang Dynasty, who had an exquisite pillow carved of precious white jade that he hid among his draperies. However, one day it disappeared. Emperor Tang was shocked, as his inner palace was very secure. Only his concubines could gain ...

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Black and white photo of three men dressed in ancient Chinese clothing.

Famous People From Ancient China: Mencius and His Mother

In 375 B.C., a boy was born in Zou County, Shandong Province, to one of the many famous people from ancient China. The boy’s birth name was Meng Ke, but he later became known as Mencius, one of the most well-known philosophers in Chinese history. When Mencius was 3 years old, his father passed away. ...

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Portrait of Mencius from the Yuan Dynasty.

The Legend of the Wooden Fish in Buddhism

When did the wooden fish start being used in Chinese Buddhism? Why was it made into the shape of a fish, and what is the meaning of it? Although there are a number of legends about the wooden fish, this legend of the wooden fish from Chinese Buddhism relates one of the answers. One legend ...


A fish carved out of wood.

Legend Behind How Each Chinese Zodiac Sign Was Chosen

There are numerous legends about how each Chinese zodiac sign was chosen. This is one of the most well-known. A long, long time ago, the Jade Emperor in the heavens was celebrating his birthday. Unfortunately, at that time, there was no way of counting the years, so he couldn’t be sure how old he was. ...


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Why Family and Faith Are Important  

We all believe that love of family and faith are very important. But how important are they? In 1900, American educator and pastor A.E. Winship traced the descendants of one of America’s most renowned preachers and theologians, Jonathan Edwards. There was another man, who lived in New York at about the same period, known as ...

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The Humble and Honorable Empress Ma

Empress Ma was married to Emperor Ming of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was strict in not allowing relatives from her side of the family to gain power or to ascend to high-ranking posts. When Empress Ma‘s adopted son, Liu Da, succeeded to the throne after Emperor Ming’s death, he wanted to express his gratitude ...

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