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6 Tips to Conquer Your Fears the Healthy Way

Fear is a normal reaction that helps people avoid dangerous situations or encounters. In instances where fears, you experience physiological responses — flight or fight — that support you in making the safer choice. The physiological arousals that accompany fear include tensing of the muscles, increased blood flow, rapid heart rate, and more. Your body’s ...

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Shattering your fears.

4 Natural Ways to Ease Tension and Anxiety

Living a busy modern lifestyle can lead to anxiety and stress. People experiencing mental pressure might find themselves having some physiological changes, such as increased blood pressure and an accelerated heart rate, sleep disorders, decreased concentration, and digestive and reproductive system disorders.  Psychologist Yu Jiarong, director of Taipei Children’s Companion Psychotherapy Institute, recommends four methods ...

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Do Fidget Toys Help You Self-Regulate Anxiety and Focus Better?

There is a misconception that only kids need toys. On the contrary, grown-up people also need toys suiting their temperament. That explains why fidget toys are so much in demand. They are seen a lot in clinics of psychotherapists. However, they are also used profusely by people coping with stress or attention issues. Nowadays, it ...

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How Meditation Can Help During the CCP Coronavirus Lockdown

With many people feeling mentally stressed out due to the CCP coronavirus quarantine, it is necessary that proper care is taken to maintain psychological health in a good state. According to a recent article published by the Harvard Medical School, meditation and yoga can help deal with the situation. The article, written by psychiatrist John ...

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