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The Virtuous Prime Minister Fan Chunren

Fan Chunren was the second son of the renowned Northern Song statesman Fan Zhongyan. As prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Chunren had a peculiar habit. Whenever he finished his work at the government office, he would change into simple, plain clothing as a part of his daily routine. From his youth to ...

Tatiana Denning

A statue of Fan Chunren.

Uyghur Cultural Identity Amid Han Chinese Dominance

The Uyghur people who live in Xinjiang are at a critical point as they try to deal with the problems that Han Chinese rule has caused. This is still going on, and few people know about it. This article talks about how Uyghur cultural identity is being erased on a large scale. It does this ...

Viena Abdon

#Save Uyghur.

Exploring the Complexities of Organ Transplantation Regulations in China

Organ transplantation regulations in China have been intensely scrutinized and debated in recent years. As the country strives to establish a robust framework for organ transplantation, concerns and doubts persist regarding the effectiveness and ethical implications of these regulations. This article will provide more information to understand better the complexities of the organ transplantation regulations ...

Viena Abdon

Surgeons performing organ harvesting.

An AI-driven Influence Operation Is Spreading Pro-China Propaganda Across YouTube

A recent investigation from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has revealed an extensive network of YouTube channels promoting pro-Chinese and anti-U.S. public opinion in the English-speaking world using generative AI to rapidly produce and publish content, while deftly exploiting YouTube’s algorithmic recommendation system. How big is the network? Operation “Shadow Play” involves a network ...

Troy Oakes

YouTube app on a smartphone.

An Unforgettable Encounter: A Tale of Wolves and Soldiers in the Snow

Imagine being stuck in the snow, surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Sounds like a chilling scene from a thriller movie, right? But this was a reality for a group of soldiers in China. Their unforgettable encounter unfolded in the snow-covered landscapes, where an unexpected alliance between man and beast was formed. The encounter ...

Max Lu

Closeup shot of a gray wolf in the snow.

Zhao Jiuzhang: The Father of China’s Satellites and His Tragic End

Zhao Jiuzhang, a renowned Chinese meteorologist, geophysicist, and space physicist is hailed as the ‘Father of Chinese Satellites.’ However, in the quiet of the night on October 26, 1968, this internationally acclaimed scientist took his own life at his home in Zhongguancun, Beijing. He was 61. Today, we delve into the life of Zhao Jiuzhang ...

Max Lu

Jhao Jiuzhang and his wife.

A God-Sent Magic Coin Made a Man Rich

Not long ago in China, a young man was honest and good at math and writing. He knew how to do business well and had saved up some money. Unfortunately, bad luck followed, which made him lose all the coins he had earned. He ended up wandering the streets and destitute. One night, he was ...

Emma Lu

A few Chinese yuan coins.

Cracking Down on Deceptive Drifters: Facebook’s Sweep of Chinese Troll Accounts

If you’ve been an active user of Facebook recently, you may have noticed some changes to your newsfeed. Facebook’s latest sweep has deleted thousands of accounts linked to Chinese troll armies.  As Facebook calls them, these deceptive drifters were set up to manipulate public opinion by spreading propaganda and conspiracy theories. They targeted both Chinese ...

Viena Abdon