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The 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival

With the theme “Glorious Tainan (龍耀台南),” the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival is a vibrant and culturally significant event that lights up the night sky with colorful lanterns and showcases Taiwan’s rich heritage and traditions.  Sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Administration, the Lantern Festival this year was held at the High-Speed Rail Display Zone and the ...

Billy Shyu

The 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival.

The Art of Giving Red Envelopes: 10 Essential Tips for the Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the tradition of giving red envelopes, known as “hongbao,” takes center stage in Chinese culture. These red packets symbolize good luck and are a way to ward off evil spirits, ensuring a peaceful year ahead. While it’s a time of joy and celebration, there are certain customs and taboos ...

Max Lu

Accessories to celebrate the Lunar New Year sit on a wooden table.

Can China’s Stamps Foretell the Future?

China’s postal agency issued the Year of the Rabbit stamp on January 5, 2023, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It attracted attention due to its unappealing design, and “the fortune-teller rabbit” became viral on China’s Internet.  According to the news, the postal agency in China, China Post, introduced a mascot of the same design ...

Mikel Davis

China's Year of the Rabbit stamp.

Chinese New Year Festivities: A Guide to Celebrations and Traditions 

The Chinese New Year is a time of major celebrations in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries and is marked by family gatherings, community events, and a wish for peace and prosperity in the coming year. The celebrations are determined by the lunar calendar and typically fall between late January and early February, ...

Michael Segarty

Red Chinese New Year lantern in China Town.

Celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year With the World’s Largest Migration

The Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival is an event that captivates the world. It is celebrated worldwide and often leads to the planet’s most significant yearly human migration. Although it is often referred to as “Chinese New Year” in the West, it is celebrated far and wide. The Lunar New ...

Ratul Saha

The Year of the Water Rabbit.

What to Expect in the Year of the Water Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit, also known as the year of hope, is here! According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit. This auspicious cycle begins on January 22 and will end on February 9, 2024. In the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit comes in at number ...

Ratul Saha

The Year of the Water Rabbit.

2022: Welcome the Chinese New Year of the Tiger

The tiger is one of the most recognized animal images worldwide and is the largest of the big cats. The year 2022 brings the Chinese Year of the Tiger. The Tiger replaces the Ox reigning supreme from February 1 until January 21, 2023 as the third sign of the Chinese zodiac.   Year of the Tiger ...

Helen London

Floral display in Hong Kong shopping mall in the shape of two tigers.

Making Dumplings for Chinese New Year

Many people wonder how to make Chinese dumplings (餃子 jiǎozī). They are very popular in China. They originated in Northern China, but now they are commonly eaten all over the country. They are good for you as they combine flour, meat, and vegetables, making them very tasty. They are specially made for holidays. When a family has a ...

Emma Lu

Three bowls of different dumplings.

Celebrate Chinese New Year With These 5 Ancient Poems

However you plan on celebrating the Chinese New Year, don’t forget to take some time to reflect within, and if you are like me, you might like to spend some time reading some ancient poems on the topic. This Lunar Year in the Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Tiger. The tiger represents courage, ...

Jessica Kneipp

Yellow Chinese dragon.