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Integrity Above All: 3 Stories of Ancient China’s Upright Officials

In the annals of Chinese history, the legacy of integrity and righteousness has been long cherished and revered. Tales of principled officials who stood firm in the face of temptation and upheld the virtues of ethical governance have been passed down through generations, serving as moral compasses for both the rulers and the ruled. These ...

Emma Lu

Liu Tongxun.

Gu Junshan Used Bribery and His Daughter to Rise in Rank

News outlets have repeatedly reported on the scandals of Chinese officials, such as Gu Junshan, who used bribery to rise in rank. And given the regularity of reports of corruption, one may arguably regard Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials as being among the most corrupt in the world. To explore whether that assertion holds true ...

Hermann Rohr

Gu Junshan.

Canada: Chinese Officials Should Be Slapped With Magnitsky Act

Over a dozen senators from Canada recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking the federal government to take strict actions against Chinese officials identified to be involved in human rights violations by being slapped with the Magnitsky Act. The letter, written by senators Leo Housakos and Thanh Hai Ngo, was co-signed by ...

Max Lu

The Canadian flag.

Spy Threat: United States Secretly Expels Chinese Officials

For the past few years, U.S. intelligence agencies have been warning about the threat of Chinese espionage. Recently, the administration apparently expelled two Chinese Embassy officials in secret after they drove onto a military base in the state of Virginia. The last time Chinese officials were expelled by the American government was in 1987. The ...

Jack Roberts

A military base restricted entry.

Rampant Academic Fraud Among High-Level Chinese Officials (Part 1)

The news of Chinese officials with false qualifications keeps coming to light. When foreign media revealed that even the former vice president of China committed academic fraud, there were comments being made, jokingly mocking that if punishments are being enforced, the Politburo won’t be able to make the minimum headcount for meetings. According to news ...

Nspirement Staff

The top CCP officials.